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Luxury Spa in Seville – get back your calm 

Spa Seville is total relaxation during your stay. What better way to sooth aching muscles, legs and heads from a night of flamenco stomping and bar-hopping ? Our Seville Spa package offers a break in a luxury spa that will give all your muscles a time out in a few pampering hours.

You’ll enjoy a variety of spa zones for a full 90 minute circuit combining jacuzzi, a shower of essential oils, sauna, hammam and more! A course of well-being that’s just the job after a heavy night of vino tintos, blancos and cocktails!

Spa your way back to life, and feel tip top and ready for action

After adventurous days and partying nights you will probably need to take a recuperative break during your stay in Seville. With our Spa Seville, you and your fellow hen party ladies (or maybe stag?) will follow a circuit specifically designed for you to feel fresh and revitalised. Your 90 minute circuit includes modern facilities and high quality service all in a refined and luxurious atmosphere.

SPA seville entrance SPA seville pampering SPA seville sauna

Your first stop in our Spa Seville will be in the pool area with stations for hot and cold water jets that massage you all over, getting rid of those sore kinks and nots. Then onto the oxygen space where you will be caressed by millions of small bubbles. After this invigorating session, enjoy sweetness with a Hammam and sauna. Switching from hot to cold and back agin is the key here. You’ll feel like a new, more improved you!

Gorgeous layout, relaxing and great to spend quality time with the girls. It worked really well alongside the other more mental stuff we did! Thanks! Clare Blake, Southampton maid of honour

Spa Seville – Typical schedule:

  • All vouchers and details will be sent to you in good time before you arrive at your location
  • 15:40 Arrive in the Thermal Centre
  • 1600: Start your relaxation treat
  • 17:45 You feel revitalized and ready for more!

Spa Seville – What is included:

  • Towels and locker
  • 90 minutes wellness journey
  • If you require specific additional treatments (face, hand, foot, etc) just ask us.

Spa Seville – Supplementary Information:

  • Bring a swimsuit and a bathing cap and appropriate flip flops to get from one pool to another.
  • Removing all jewellery is recommended as it may be carried away by the water pressure from the jets.

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