1 hr B-football
14 bubbles!
Free paintballs!

What to Do in Seville : Bubble Football and Paintball

If you are wondering what to do in Seville with your Stag or Hen gang then sign on for a day of Bubble Football and Paintball. This all-in-one event is going to be bonkers. We’ve got all the action for a great day…with beer and lunch options to make everything perfect.

Bubble football is the no-brains no-talent answer to team sports. Get bouncing! It’s just like football but with no carding. We provide the referee and then you get to make an impact.

Bubble Football and Paintball are ready to make Stag or Hen epic!

After the bubble football get suited up with guns blazing for paintball. Our epic assault course awaits your Stag or Hen group for paintball madness. We’ve got everything here for a great day – beer, lunch, paintball and bubble football.

what to do in Seville what to do in Sevillewhat to do in Seville

Our venue is set up for the action you crave. Just bring your group and then let the mayhem begin. First we have 7 a-side Bubble Football in our special enclosed pitch (for maximum bouncing) and then it’s time for paintball warfare.

That was just what we needed to mark the occasion. We smashed and pelted the stag to our heart’s delight – well done! – Chris,
Watford, 2016

Bubble-football and paintball – typical schedule

  • 11:00 Arrive at the Extreme Sports Venue and start your Bubble Football game
  • 12:00 Maybe have a drink or a bit of lunch before the war begins
  • 12:30 ATTACK!  Our monitors will run some classic games for you
  • 13:30 Shower off and hit the town! BAR CRAWL/TAPAS TOUR ANYONE?

Bubble-football and paintball – what is included

  • 1 hour of bubble football (maximum 14 bubbles)
  • referee
  • Showers provided
  • 1 hour on paintball course
  • First 100 balls in paintball provided free
  • Camouflage suit, marker, gloves, mask, bibs, neck protection
  • Lunch/drinks options available
  • Transport options available

What to do in Seville: Bubble-football and paintball – what else do I need to know?

  • What happens in Seville stays in Seville 😉
  • Looking for more? How about climbing aboard a BEER BIKE?

How can I book Bubble-football and Paintball?