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Top tour of tapas bars in Seville

Seville bars are at their best when serving delicious tapas.  Our tapas tour a must when you come to this the capital of tapas food and drink. As day falls, Spaniards are to be found in the dozens of small tapas bars eating, chatting and partying.

Going from bar to bar for a drink and enjoying some delicious snacks is almost a religion in Seville. But a new city can be confusing. Our local English-speaking guide will lead you to 5 Seville bars, where you’ll enjoy different tapas and a drink of your choice.

Seville bars put the Cathedral in the shade

It’s technically the other way round as many of the best places are grouped around Seville’s stunning and revered centrepiece La Catedral. But our theory is the biggest religion here is getting some down…

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Where are the best bars?! How do I get there?! What and how do we order?! And there is nothing more frustrating than missing out on the best ones because you walked down the wrong street or got lost! Well all of these issues and more can be solved with a Seville bars and tapas crawl.

Sevilla is this unique place where you just stand in a bar and people come up and make friends with you and bring you lots of food, we were smacked over as this actually happened all three nights. You guys was just right as well for us the first night.  Stella, Gillingham, 12 hens in Sevilla, July 2016

On this gourmet and festive feast you will discover delicious fish tapas such as boquerones (anchovies), bacalao (cod) or spicy prawns. Patatas bravas and traditional tortilla is a perennial favourite, and they combine perfectly with an ice-cold cerveza or vino tinto.

Not to mention the cold tapas including the tasty Serrano ham. Cheese lovers will not be disappointed as you’ll get to taste a selection of Spanish products such as the famous cheese Manchego or the devilish blue Cabrales.

Suitably satisfied, your group’s party can get started.  You’ll have made a local amigo or twelve over tapas, but anyway, our guide will know more bars, more clubs. It will go on all night long!

Seville Bars and Tapas Crawl – typical schedule:

  • 21:00 Meet your local guide at your hotel or at a central location.
  • 21:30 Start your tour of tapas bars Seville.
  • 23:00 You want to continue the party? Your guide is there to help and advise you on the best bars and clubs in Seville.

Seville Bars and Tapas Crawl – what’s included in the price:

  • A stop in several tapas bars to suit your tastes and recommendations of the guide
  • Wine or Spanish beer
  • The total of tapas is the equivalent of a full dinner
  • The price depends on the size of your group and the time of year.

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