Things to do in Valencia- daytime fireworks

The self-declared pyromaniac locals of this wonderful Mediterranean city will not necessarily agree, but there are many, many more things to do in Valencia this  other than throw bangers around.


Were you allowed to play with matches when you were a sprog ? The Valencianos were….

After all, what’s a couple of roman candles between friends ?   Whatever;  we suggest you put a rocket in your pocket, grab a sparkler and take us up on one of our suggestions for Valencia daytime action. Keep your powder dry and browse group activities designed to make your stag or hen weekend go with…a bang.

Valencia by Day- it gets pretty hot

For a short trip to Valencia there are three must-see areas: the Old Town with its Cathedral and medieval architecture and Roman ruins; the Beach and Port area for some rays and a swim in the sea, and the striking modern architecture at  Artes y Ciencias. For shopping, you’ll find the best high street stores and boutiques on Calle Colón and streets nearby with some interesting gift and curiosity shops in the Old Town’s narrow streets. Don’t miss the Mercat Central, one of Europe’s largest food markets, and when all else fails, head for El Corte Inglés!
Read our Valencia Beaches page for more info on Valencia port and playa.

Before we arrived we were wondering about things to do in Valencia. Your suggestion of the bike tour was pretty spot on, we were amazed by the place in general, just cycling around was awesome, and we had a brilliant time down by the  beach…thanks to Sara for everything! Simon, from Bristol. 15-person Valencia stag do in October 2013.

What to eat in Valencia – our tip

The much-vaunted paella, the classic Valencia dish, is a must-eat and perfect for an inexpensive group meal (not to mention being a superb excuse for getting far too much wine down at lunch). However, those who like to do as the Romans do will want to try the famous local Valencian speciality “fartons” (yes they are really called that). These are pastries that you dip in chocolate and pop in your mouth, a sort of Mediterranean cousin of the Madrid favourite “chocolate con churros”. No wonder the Valencians have a reputation for letting off bangers.

Walk around Valencia

Our Tip: Walk about!  Valencia’s fascinating nooks and crannies are best discovered on foot. Start off at the Cathedral in the Old Town, and make sure you see La lonja, The Mercat Central and take a walk around old river bed to the breathtaking Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias.