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Bubble Football Valencia

This brilliant activity will be one to remember on your stag or hen do trip. Bubble Football Valencia is one of the most fun and totally hilarious activities you could choose to do on a stag or hen do weekend. You will literally be left in stitches!

You and your fellow hen or stag do mates will be met at your accommodation by our friendly English-speaking guide and taken to the pitch. At the start of Bubble Football Valencia you and the rest of your group will climb into giant inflatable bubbles with just your legs dangling out the bottom and attempt to play a game of football among other fun games.

So stop blowing bubbles and climb into some instead!

The word attempt is key here as you will find it almost impossible to do anything coordinated and will instead spend most of the time bouncing off each other, falling over and trying to work out how to get up again! All whilst trying, in vain, to stop laughing!

10407589_738792159546651_1866197474735159798_nBubble football ValenciaBubble football Valencia

There’s no need to worry about dirty tackles, injured body parts or red cards when playing bubble football Valencia. You can bomb towards your opposite team mates as fast and as often as you want to try and stop them scoring, you’ll simply bounce straight off and be left rolling around on the pitch trying get back up again while your opposing team mates are getting their own back and bouncing into and off of you! In bubble football Valencia there’s no room for any prima donna expert footy moves or showing off as everyone will be reduced to bouncing, rolling and laughing until it hurts!

 No idea what the score was but no one cared, this was the one part I organised and all the lads thought is was brilliant so I was chuffed. Cheers for a great trip, Valencia is a winner. Dan Stevenson, North London stag. September 2015

Bubble Football Valencia – typical schedule:

  • 12:30 Our guide meets you and takes you to the pitch on public transport
  • 13:00 Get your bubble and get in it! Ready, set, roll!
  • 14:00 Games end.
  • 15:00 You’ll be back at your accommodation ready for some ice-cold refreshments and the next round.

Bubble Football Valencia – what’s included?

  • All equipment
  • Zorbs
  • Pitch hire
  • Monitor
  • Multiple games
  • Over 1 hour of hilarious fun
  • Public transport and our fun guide

What else do I need to know about Bubble Football Valencia?

  • Bare in mind that the zorbs/bubbles get hot! So if you’re booking in July or August morning slots will be best to avoid the hottest part of the day
  • Wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes and trainers

How can I book or find out more about Bubble Football Valencia?