Hip Hop class
Bollywood dancing
Belly dancing
Expert dance instructors
Great music!

Dance Classes Valencia– get your body moving!

Add one of these great dance class options to your hen do package and get the whole group on their dancing feet! Our expert dance instructors will take you through the paces of one of three fun, cool, sexy and energetic dance classes Valencia. You’ll have the chance to dress up and get some brilliant photos during the 90 minutes of shaking your collective thang.

With three fantastic classes to choose you can find a class to fit everyone’s tastes and levels. Each has a professional dance teacher and takes place in a private studio just for your group. So now all you need to decide is which dance classes Valencia are you going to book?!

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We did the Bollywood class to do something different and it was brilliant! Not too difficult so everyone joined in and it was so colourful and expressive and the teacher was excellent. Thanks for everything, the group had a fab time. Jenny Nathans London hen do 2015

Dance Classes Valencia: Belly Dancing

This fun and sexy dance class is not only hugely enjoyable but it’s a great work out too! Learn to shimy and shake those hips and twirl those skirts into a sensual, flirty arabic dance.

Dance Classes Valencia Belly Dancing -What’s included:

  • 90 minute class
  • Professional dance teacher
  • Fancy dress – so you can look and feel the part
  • Choreography – your professional dance teacher will guide you through a great routine
  • Percussion – essential to set the arabic scene
  • Photos and video of the group
  • Your own session at a private dance School

Dance Classes Valencia: Hip Hop

A heavy bass line will start pumping out of the dance studios speakers and whilst facing a mirror you’ll copy the moves of your expert dance teacher. It’s as simple as that! This great class will have you putting some street moves together combined into a unique dance routine, that you can show off in the Valencia clubs and when you get home!

Dance Classes Valencia Hip Hop – What’s included:

  • 90 minute class
  • A professional Hip Hop instructor
  • Pumping hip hop beats
  • Your own session at a private dance School

Dance Classes Valencia: Bollywood

This expressive dance is all about colour and vibrancy and is becoming more and more popular, with classes being held at the famous Pineapple dance studios in Covent Garden. Your expert dance instructor will guide you through the steps, arm and hand movements so that you can connect them and create this beautiful dance.

Dance Classes Valencia Bollywood – What’s included:

  • 90 minute class
  • A professional Bollywood dance instructor
  • Classic Bollywood music
  • Your own session at a private dance School

Dance Classes Valencia – What else do I need to know:

  • Please wear appropriate footwear. Trainers are best for the hip hop class and a low, comfortable heel for belly dancing and Bollywood.
  • It’s a good idea to bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated while you’re dancing about
  • Loose fitting clothing or gym wear is best for all dance classes

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