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Learn How to Make Paella in Valencia

make paellaValencia is home to the paella, Spain’s most international of dishes. So anyone who is spending a weekend in this beautiful Mediterranean city simply must try it before they go back home. But have you ever wondered how to make paella? Well, let The Spain Event organise a special activity for you that will unravel all the secrets of this spectacular and crowd-pleasing dish. We will take you to a restaurant located in the historical quarter of Valencia where our expert chef will explain all the ins and outs of cooking paella. He will then make a paella for you right in front of your eyes, all the while explaining every step he takes and the reason for it. So, don’t forget your cameras, because this dish is a stunner. When it is time to let the rice cook, you can sit down and relax at your table with some drinks  for 15 minutes. And just when they have got your taste buds really going, the paella will be ready to eat.
how to make paella

paellas in ValenciaPaella in Valencia – did you know?

  1. The largest paella in the world entered the Guiness Book of Records in 2001 after feeding over 110,000 people. The diameter of the paella itself was an amazing 21 metres and 16 centimetres and ingredients included more than 6,000 kilos of rice, 12,000 kilos of chicken and rabbit and 13,000 litres of water!
  2. The pan the paella is made in is actually also called paella in Valencia. Most people in Spain don’t know this, but that is the advantage YOU have of learning how to make paella in the place it was invented!
  3. The original Valencian paella does not have seafood, but chicken, rabbit, beans and vegetables. Nowadays there are three types of paella – Paella Valenciana, Paella de Marisco (seafood) and Paella Mixta (mixed).

Learn How to Make Paella – typical schedule (morning times are also available)

  • 19:15 – Meet our chef over a beer or wine at his restaurant in the Valencia old town
  • 19:30 – Our chef explains the ins and outs of making paella as he cooks one up right under your nose.
  • 19:45 – Time for some drinks  while the rice cooks.
  • 20:00 – A few quick photos before getting stuck in to the paella
  • 21:00 – Time to hit the pubs and bars in Valencia’s old town

Learn How to Make Paella – what is included

  • Authentic paella meal
  • Sangria or beer, water and soft drinks
  • Professional Spanish chef’s paella recipe
  • Full explanation and demonstration of how to make paella

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