Your very own studio
A welcome glass of champagne!
Expert instructor
Discover the artist in you!

Nude Model Drawing in your very own studio!

Your trip to Valencia needs a bit of spice and a touch of class! Elevate the mood with a Nude Model Drawing Class to break up the constant bar crawls, cocktail classes and sunset cruises! Surprise your Hen with something unusual and fun – our Nude Model Drawing Class awaits your group for an hour of artistry and inspiration. Our comfortable and professional studio will welcome your group with a glass of champagne and then it’s time to break out the paper and pencils. Our English-speaking instructor is on-hand to guide and suggest technique, and most importantly a hunky male model will be nude and on display! The look on your Hen’s face when the model comes out in his birthday suit? Priceless. Explore the contours of the male form with your girls and see who is the hidden artist among you.

nude model nude model nude model

Release Your inner Michelangelo! We’ve got our private, sunlit studio waiting for your group…and a glass of champagne to loosen you up and hone your artistic sensibilities. After a few warmup sketches you’ll all be surprised at the improvement – just looking at the model you’ll learn at lot! Some of you will make some masterpieces, but everyone will have a good time together working on lines, shading, composition…or it might look like a giant stick-man – only time will tell!

It’s all in the wrist

Your group meets at the centrally located studio in Valencia and meets your English-speaking tutor…and the model! Over a welcoming glass of champagne get into the mood and then sit down at your easel with your giant paper provided. Get that pencil moving! Practice makes perfect! There are no mistakes only explorations of form as your model and your instructor for the next hour help you to improve your skill and maybe even make something that you’ll cherish forever! Some among you will make something really worth keeping, and everyone will have pleasing memories…and afterwards you can all take photos with the model!

Nude Model drawing – read what our customers think

“The Hen was really surprised! Once we sat down and started drawing it was a lovely giggle – and some of us discovered we could really draw. The Instructor was very helpful and the model was very professional.” – Katie, organiser of an 8 girl Hen do, Chepstowe, 2015

Nude Model Drawing in Valencia – typical schedule 

  • 15:00: Meet your tutor and the model over a glass of champagne
  • 15:20: Take your seats and be provided with all the materials required
  • 15:30: The drawing class begins in earnest and the model strikes his first pose while the instructor helps and guides the group to capture the beauty of the male form!
  • 17:00: The class ends, but there is still time to get a few photos with the model before you go!
  • This schedule is merely a suggestion, as class start times are very flexible. If you would like to start at a different time, please let us know

Nude Model Drawing Class – what is included

  • Professional drawing instructor
  • A private studio just for your group
  • A hunky male model to pose nude
  • All materials, pencils, paper etc…
  • A welcome glass of champagne

Nude Model Drawing in Valencia – what else do I need to know?

  • No matter what, you are going to be inspired!
  • You’re going to have some delightful drawings to keep at the end – perhaps you’ll get them framed!
  • After a moment of culture like this you deserve something special – bar crawl anyone?

How can I book Nude Model Drawing in Valencia?