Swim in the clear natural spring!
Guided hike included
Transport included
Optional tapas or full lunch add-on

The Ancient Thermal Springs Await!

The Thermal Springs near Valencia have been welcoming swimmers for over 1000 years! When the Moors ruled this area of Spain these springs were recognised as an area of such natural beauty that only the wives of the Caliph could bathe there! Ooh la la! The crystal-clear waters certainly are an attraction worth exploring – and that’s just what you’ll do on the Thermal Springs Tour! From Valencia we pick you up by coach for a day in the mountains. There’s a little bit of everything on this one – a bit of a hike (but not too intense), an exploration of the hot springs, time for a tan under the blazing Spanish sun and then a walk and some tapas in the lovely/historic mountain pueblo.

Hot springs hot springs hot springs  

It needs to be said that the famous hot springs of the Province of Valencia aren’t hot, but merely warmed a bit so it’s pleasant. After a 1000 years the waters have cooled off slightly – but they are incredibly clear, clean and beautiful and waiting to be explored. This historic and breathtaking spot is perfect for a swim and to discover the various caves that line the canyon…it’s a mythic place! Depending on the time the hike features a nearby waterfall and some stunning trails.

Welcoming bathers for 1000 years!

You’ve bathed, suntanned, hiked, been fed and now you’re on your way back to Valencia after a triumphant day out…and the evening beckons! Why not start the evening off with our very popular Cocktail Making Class, just to get into the party mood (and you’ll learn a trick or two around the bar). Later on, sign up for our all-too-successful guided bar crawl, where you are introduced to the best bars of the city and get some free shots wherever you go – yeehah! Lastly we’ve got guestlist entrance ready for your group to the hottest nightclubs in Valencia! Line-skip anyone? Right this way!

Thermal Springs Tour – read what our customers think

“The valley around the springs was amazing and everyone had a great day exploring the canyon with its superclear water. It’s a really special place – thanks for a great day!” – Lynda, organiser of a 15 girl Hen-group, Surrey 2015

Thermal Springs Tour from Valencia – typical schedule (total approx. 6 hours)

  • 10:00 The coach and guide meet you at your accommodation and we depart from there!
  • 11;30 We go for a small hike lasting an hour to take in the views
  • 12:30 arrive at the hot springs for an exploratory dip.  Pop on your swimgear, visit the cave and see the fishes!
  • 14:30 Depending on the options our group either meets for a snack or a full lunch
  • 16:00 Our coach meets the group and brings you back to your accommodation.

Thermal Springs Tour – what is included

  • Transport by coach to and from the hot springs site
  • A guide to show you around the hot springs and to take you on a hike around the area to see some of the beautiful landscape (proper shoes are required for this….no flip-flops for the hike, but bring them for the hot springs!)
  • Optional tapas or full lunch options available

Thermal Springs Tour near Valencia- what else do I need to know?

  • The Hot springs are actually just a little bit warm…they were hotter in ancient times…but in the blazing heat of Spain you’ll be glad for it!
  • Bring your swim trunks, goggles, underwater camera, beach shoes, suncream, towel…Let’s make a day of it!
  • The bus ride is about 90 minutes each way so you’ll have a chance to have a little snooze or watch the landscape roll by….there’s no better way to take care of a hangover than a dip at the springs.

How can I book the Thermal Springs Tour