Get to know Valencia!
Prize for best team
Test your clue-solving ability
Hours of fun!

The Valencia Treasure Hunt awaits!

Answering the “Things to do Valencia” is our famous Treasure Hunt that combines group challenges, discovering the best sights of Valencia, clue-solving and a bit of mysterious food and drink exploration as well!  Each Treasure Hunt is tailor made to suit your interests. Compete to see who is the most like Sherlock Holmes and seek out the clues. Who will finish first? The Treasure Hunt takes between 3 and 5 hours, which means there’s always a chance to sneak in a cheeky drink or two while enroute! By Jove, I think you’ve got it!

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Follow the clues! Once in your teams your guide will brief you and give out an information pack containing a map, a pen, a digital camera and a list of questions and tasks to be completed Answer the questions to the mysterious clues, find certain landmarks and buildings, take photos them and add them to your treasure chest! Also, we’ll have you buying a few emblematic keepsakes to show off at the end (and take home with you)  – you’ll enjoy scavenging (ok not actual scavenging!) to get some authentic Valencian items! By the end you’ll be doing the guiding!

Why choose Valencia for a treasure hunt ?

Combine culture, action and laughs in this creative and fun team challenge! Monuments hunting is a joy in Valencia’s medieval old town, where you’ll creep around the back of the Cathedral and get a feel for the exploits of Moors, Christians and the famous El Cid. Happy hunting!

You’ll also learn about the gastronomic delights of this particular area of Spain, with a visit to one of Europe’s largest (and most fascinating  and lively) food markets.  Do you know your bacalao from your bocadillos? Have you had your fartons today ? Do you know how many snails to toss casually into a Paella Valenciana and how long before the rice settles ? Or does it depend on how much Agua de Valencia you have consumed ?

Things to do Valencia: Treasure Hunt – read what our customers think

“Discovering all the hidden gems of Valencia was the perfect thing for our group to do during the day. We didn’t want to just sit around the beach all day so it was great to have this Treasure Hunt to get us all going to see everything! We would’ve never seen any of the stuff we saw were it not for this.  Most importantly, the Stag’s team lost – thanks for a great day.” – John, Stag organiser of a 14 person Stag-do, Tumbridge Wells, 2015

Treasure Hunt Valencia – typical schedule 

  • We aim to arrange arrange the schedule flexible to suit the times required by your group.
  • The hunt is available all days, and at several time of day, although we will recommend that you start at 11 am if on Saturday so as not to find certain key stops  “cerrado” (closed!)
  • You must begin approx 11 am in order to make sure the Usually it takes between 3 to 5 hours, depending on what you are interested in.

Things to do Valencia: Treasure Hunt – what is included

  • A guide – to help you navigate and give hints (ok, ok, maybe the odd hint)!
  • One information pack per team containing a map, digital camera and a list of questions and challenges to complete!
  • Prize for the winners – who will be the Sherlock Holmes of the group?

How can I book a Treasure Hunt in Valencia?