Unlimited Beer
Personal Driver
Sound system
Great views

Valencia Beer Bike Tour – get your own booze powered ride along the beach!

Enjoy a beer-fueled ride with plenty of drinks, nice music and great views along the beautiful Valencia beach with our Valencia Beer Bike Tour. If you want to have a snack, bring it with you while pedaling and enjoying a beer in motion.

Valencia Beer Bike Tour or the so called pedibus is one of the coolest concepts of biking combined with drinking and sightseeing, especially along the beach, on a hot sunny day. With a capacity of 18 people on the ride and almost an hour of biking, you can visit the best places Valencia has to offer and not worry about drunk driving.

We’ll bring the pub to you!

With a sound system and lights incorporated in the bicycle, your summer ride will be more than entertaining. Valencia Beer Bike Tour is a heady mix of peddaling and pumping


Valencia Beer Bike TourValencia Beer Bike Tour  Valencia Beer Bike Tour

The squeak of cog and chain combines with the wheezing and slurping of the participants and the odd sing-song as you travel smoothly past the impressive beach and attractions that Valencia Beer Bike Tour has to offer. These lovely sights of the city are all-too-often overlooked by pie-eyed stag weekend and hen do groups.

Valencia Beer Bike Tour– Typical schedule:

  • There are several starting times available.
  • Usually midday or afternoon times work best. We recommend a route that takes you along the beaches of Valencia.
  • The activity lasts approximately 50 minutes, however you can always choose for more.

What is included:

  • There is open bar for beer included
  • A beer wagonmein host who will pump you through your paces as you pedal past Valencian city sights
  • Music and Disco Lights
  • You can bring your own snack

What else do I need to know?

  • Valencia Beer Bike Tour is available for group sizes up to 18.
  • Yes, don’t worry that means drinks too!
  • Remember it’s hot in Valencia especially in the summer months. The beer will keep you cool and refreshed but you may want to bring along some shades and a hat.
  • Price depends on your group size and the time of year. Usually the larger your group the less you will each pay.

How can I book Valencia Beer Bike Tour?