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Valencia Blob Jumping

You want to have a day to remember with your mates but you are out of ideas? Then Blob Jumping is one of the best things to do on a sunny day in Valencia. Grab your team and get ready to blob!

Blob Jumping is a fun activity for stag and hen groups and it’s all about teamwork! How does it work? The jumpers (2 or 3) will have to jump from a height of 5m onto the waterblob which will launch the brave one from the other end high up and into the air and then into the lake. You can go as high as 9 m. It all depends on how much your ‘friends’ had to eat. Just for your info, the world record stands to 22 m. Now try and beat that!

Valencia Blob Jumping Valencia Blob Jumping Valencia Blob Jumping

Valencia Blob Jumping: – typical schedule (2-3h)

  • 10:00 Pick up from the hotel
  • 11:00 Arrival, safety briefing and instructions from the monitor
  • 11:30 Time to blob!
  • 18:00 Back in town

Valencia Blob JumpingValencia Blob Jumping: – what´s included

  • All equipment
  • Monitor and safety briefing, insurance
  • Up to 10m blob!
  • Guaranteed fun and a good laugh!
  • Private return transport

What else do I need to know about Valencia Blob Jumping?

  • Bring your swimwear, a change of clothes and sun lotion
  • Ask us if you need to arrange a private transport, guide or an additional activity
  • Minimum group size is from 8 up, unless you want to be paired with other teams
  • The Valencia Blob Jumping activity lasts from May until September

This is just one of the many activities you could choose from if you want to spend a fun day out in Valencia. Why not combine it with a nice lunch in the meantime and then keep on rolling with some white water rafting, kayak or canyoning.  If you prefer something dry and as fun, then we suggest you try the high ropes or quad bikes and for the ladies, some horse riding.

How can I book or find out more about Valencia Blob Jumping?