1hr ring time
Beer included!
Paella lunch

Valencia Bullfighting Experience


Take the bull by the horns! This is Valencia bullfighting for stag matadors.  A once in a lifetime experience, an activity that is unique to Spain and a memorable way to celebrate your stag or hen do in Valencia. The Valencia Bullfighting activity includes one full hour with the baby bulls, plenty of beer and a tasty homemade paella for lunch.

This is probably The Spain Event’s trademark activity, so what are you waiting for? Most of our stags say the same thing about this experience… it’s a belter! Test your mettle (or maybe just the stag’s) by spending an hour or so fighting a born and bred toro bravo: a brave Spanish vaquilla.

Running with (and away from) the bulls in Valencia

Forget Hemingway’s “Death in The Afternoon”. No animals are harmed here and being Valencia, the whole thing is resolved sitting in the sun with copious measures of paella mirth and beer. Welcome to a real Valencia Bullfighting capea. Mouse or Matador? Torero or terror-stricken?

Valencia Bullfighting CrewValencia bullfightingBaby Bull Run

Use the cape with skill, show your ability to turn the bull, try a few veronicas on him, and maybe somersault over the horns? Or maybe not, rather than make a bold bid for the annals of taurine history, you may just want to scarper as fast as possible behind the safety wall (yes, there is one!).

Are you going to let a fearsome baby bull or cow get the better of you?

A real Valencia bullfighter, in the shape of your instructor, will be there to assist and guide you, even though the rest of the group may proffer that your tauromaquia skills are more redolent of the non-horned end of the animal!

And….our Valencia Bullfighting Experience can also include a great Spanish paella lunch sitting outdoors including copious beer. And don’t forget your cameras, because getting the stag dressed up as a bullfighter provides superb photo opportunities that we all know come in handy later in life! All in all this is a hilarious, unusual and safe Valencia stag or hen activity. No animals are harmed!

Valencia Bullfighting Activity – typical schedule (approximately 4 hours)

  • 1200: Pick up time at hotel
  • 12:40: A drink for courage
  • 13:00: Time to face the music… well, the bulls actually!
  • 14:00: A delicious paella with copious amounts of beer.
  • 16:00: Arrive back at the hotel!
  • This is just our suggested schedule, so if you wish to start the activity at another time, please just let us know.

Valencia Bullfighting Experience – what is included

  • Return private coach travel with our rep.
  • Full safety briefing and tips on how to avoid the bull
  • Three beers per person
  • Fancy dress for the stag
  • An hour of bull running
  • Extras: Lunch including salad, a homemade paella and plenty of beer!

Valencia Bullfighting – how much does it cost?

  • This depends on your group size and the time of year. In general, the larger your group the less you will each pay!
  • Minimum group size is 10.

Valencia Bullfighting Experience – what else do I need to know?

  • Minimum group size for this activity is 10. This event is run exclusively for your group, so we have to check availability.
  • The Valencia Bullfighting activity is carried out with a young cow or bull. This is not mortally dangerous like “real” bull sports. The animal is not hurt.
  • Participants must be prudent and sober, however, as there is a risk of bruising and accidents like falling and twisting an ankle.
  • Sturdy training shoes should be worn.
  • Ask us if you are concerned about safety and need more information.

How can I book or find out more?