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Valencia Flyboard –brings out the catfish in you!

If you or your stag mates are of a certain disposition, not averse to displays of aquatic prowess…how shall we put it….you like the world to see your flamboyant seaborne charm. So, go daft while being propelled above (we hope) water like a demented bungee jumper during a tsunami ? Ticking any boxes ? This activity might just be for you and the Valencia flyboard scene is as good a place as any to get wet in style.

Flyboarding in Valencia basically consists of 15 – 30 minutes jumping around with high power water pumps attached to your ankles and an umbilical chord to your monitor’s speed boat or jet ski. It’s all pretty demented and all pretty exhilarating.  For a high-impact, water-sport activity in Valencia, this will almost certainly provide the high-water mark of your stag or hen do. Not one that non-swimmers will take to immediately (your inflatable ring might be eaten by barracudas for example) if you are up for adrenalin and action on your weekend in Valencia, this is the one.

Try valencia flyboardvalencia FLYBOARD watersportsWith VALENCIA flyboard you dive around like a lunatic and show off

A Valencia Flyboard-ista speak:

“Bloody hell, I had no idea the lads were taking me here. I thought we were only jet skiing (we did that as well) but Daz and the boys knew I’d seen this one before and was well up for it…pretty amazing experience if you don’t mind a bit of the old salty water in yer mush….magic and thanks a lot for all the organization for the whole weekend…stag guide Marga was a star too…” Peter, Cambridge, on a stag do in Valencia, June 2014.

Times, duration and what’s included in our Valencia Flyboarding activity:

    • Flyboard in Valencia is available from April to November, start time is flexible (1000 – 1900)
    • Typically you’ll have one hour of flyboard for every 4 people.
    • Trained instructors and briefing included
    • remember your swim suit and and solar protection.
    • Your activity can begin almost any time during the day, and usually lasts 1 hour.
    • All group sizes from 4
    • Easy transfer from central Valencia
    • Ask us if you’d like to include private transfers or arrange low-cost transport with our guide.

How can I book or find out more about Valencia Flyboard?