Drive a supercar!
3.1 km track
Many options!

What to do in Valencia Spain – Drive a supercar!

Your Stag knows what to do in Valencia Spain – he wants a day at the F1 track driving his choice of supercars! Get your stag the event of a lifetime so he can rev his engines and try out our selection of Ferrari’s, Lambourgini’s and Formula 1’s. Our 3.1 km track awaits!

Drive a supercar and make your trip to Valencia spectacular! We arrange an experience with the highest performance supercars on the planet! Get in there!

Drive a supercar and feel the power of 12 cylinders – your Lamborghini is waiting!

We’ve got an experience to remember on our closed racetrack! Sign on for a day of excitement – we have all kinds of cars and all kinds of options to make your visit spectacular. The checkered flag beckons!

what to do in Valencia Spain what to do in Valencia Spain what to do in Valencia Spain

Now that you’ve had top-gear excitement, we’ve got a range of other events to please you – chocolate mud-wrestling anyone? What happens in Valencia stays in Valencia! 😉

That was just what the Stag was dreaming about! We wanted to give him a special treat – he’d never driven a Ferrari before. Well done on a great event!  – Brian, Manchester 2016

Drive a supercar in Valencia – typical schedule

  • 15:00 optional private transfer takes you to the venue (20 minutes outside Valencia)
  • 15:30-17:00 Ride the hummer H2, ride your chosen supercar, enjoy the simulator and get shown a great time by our monitors!

Drive a Supercar in Valencia – what is included

  • 1 lap (3.1 km) as a passenger with a Hummer H2 driven by a professional pilot.
  • 1 lap (3.1 km) driving a Ferrari 430 F1 accompanied by a monitor as co-pilot
  • 1 ticket for driving simulator
  • Pass for Snack Zone for driver and 5 companions
  • A bound photo of the driver with the car
  • Official Diploma Formula GT Experience signed by Marc Gené
  • Several options also available such as 2 or 3 laps and various types of cars: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porche or Formula 3
  • Options for private return transport available

How can I book a supercar experience?