Simulate a drug bust
Professional actor with experience
Keep it a secret!
Scare your Stag and take photos!

This Stag Prank will captivate you!

For those special Stag groups that want to maximise their mayhem and create some lasting memories, our custom Stag Prank is just the ticket! If you sign on for our Stag Prank add-on we get a professional actor, dressed as a police officer, to arrest your Stag! Done together with either our Stag Fiesta or Bar Crawl, our guide co-ordinates with the ‘Police Officer’ to get your man at just the right time – it’s all in the delivery! If you are organising the event, keep it to yourself so you can better enjoy the looks on your mate’s faces! Don’t worry, as soon as the act looks like it might get out of hand the trick is revealed! The photos and videos you are going to get of the experience? Priceless!

stag prankMake your Stag do something to remember with our custom Stag Prank add-on! We’ve got an actor ready with the authority and skill to pull off a believable drug bust…if only for a few minutes. It’s amazing what a badge can do! Your wide-eyed Stag is going to feel the heat, but only for a moment…and then the trick is revealed – make the most of your foreign holiday! Afterwards you can all have a laugh, and most importantly keep drinking! Our guide’s job is to take you all to the best bars and clubs so you can really enjoy your last night of freedom!

Make the most of your visit to Spain!

Your crew is out celebrating with their mate, the Stag, who is going off later into the blue yonder with his bride to be! The drinks are flowing and everyone is having a grand old time…when suddenly: Drug Bust! Nothing grabs people’s attention like a police officer when and where they least expect it! Guilty as charged! After an explanation by the officer, helpfully translated by our guide, it’s handcuff time for the Stag…but only for a moment 🙂 This little theatrical event is best served with a stripper-filled night of mayhem, just to keep things festive! Make your trip to Valencia incredible!

The Stag Prank – read what our customers think

“That was mental – the Stag nearly pissed himself! The setup was great because the guy made him think they had found drugs in his room! Steve had no idea what was going on. Well done” – Martin, organiser of an 18 person Stag-do, Ipswitch 2015

Stag Prank add-on – what happens 

  • Your guide meets you in the center for your Bar Crawl or Stag Night.
  • The bust will take place at the beginning of the Bar Crawl or if you have booked a Valencia Stag Do Package it will be after your meal.
  • After the shock we will reveal it was a prank and then you keep going with our guide, who’ll take good care of you and show around the great bars and clubs of Valencia!

Stag Prank Valencia – what is included

  • The drug bust is an add-on for our Valencia Stag Bar Crawl or Stag Night.
  • Here are the two activities you can book this with: BAR CRAWL and STAG NIGHT
  • Try not to laugh and don’t tell the rest of the group you’ve planned this.
  • Our actor is professional and will coordinate everything with you and your guide.
  • Even funnier if you actually are doing drugs… just kidding! We don’t support illegal behavior – celebrate responsibly!

The Stag Prank – what else do I need to know?

  • This hilarious prank works wonders, but the instant things get out of hand the prank is revealed!
  • Have your video cameras working so you can immortalise the event!
  • Make your Stag do epic!

How can I book a Stag Prank add-on?