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 Valencia Nightclubs – Guest List and VIP Entry

Valencia nightclubs are one of Spain’s best kept secrets. Find out why the city of the bat is so irresistible and book Valencia nightclub entrance with the Spain Event. Valencia’s late night club scene is acknowledged as one of Spain’s finest, a Mediterranean re-mix of glamour and cool with the laid-back attitude of Spain’s trendiest beach city.

Beach Club ValenciaValencia is one of Spain’s clubbing meccas, with a host of late-night nightclubs and discotheques to keep you on your feet (or lounging by the bar) all night. Make sure you don’t lose out and let us book VIP nightclub passes, guest list and queue jump entrance for your group. We will also give you advice on the apparel, music, transport, oh… and a few tips on how not to attract too much attention from the bouncers… For Valencia nightclub do’s and don’ts, scroll down this page! We can help you with tickets for all of the popular indoor and outdoor night scenes, chill out and summer terrazas. Below are some of the night clubs we recommend in Valencia. Book ahead and steal the night !

Valencia Nightclubs – All Year Round

valencia nightclub myaM.Y.A: Built under the L’Umbracle, Valencia’s summer über-hip outdoor club and conceived to complement the free and funky Valenciano entertainment concept that shrieks “get high and party” from the rafters of every one of its temples to modern architecture, MYA has become one of the essential night spots in Valencia. Designed by Janfri Design Studio with pure lines and graffiti, the dj’s play a sublime house and dance beat. For chill-out and oxygen, there’s the small outside lounge where you can enjoy the first rays of sunlight of the approaching dawn.

Noise Valencia: once known as Roxy, Cormoran and also Mirror, Noise is well know for bring top artists and Dj’s to Valencia, but also for its fun and quite wild nightclub sessions. The club has two different ambients and the music ranges from electronic classics to “cheese”.

La Posada de Las Animas: created in 2000 by the same entertainment engineers behind Las Animas Puerto, the Posada is definitely one for celebrity-hunters. This place is seriously posh, attracting politicians, footballers and TV personalities (both real ones and the “would-be” variety). Located dead-centre in the Canovas bars district, this will be a good end to a crawl of the centre’s cosmopolitan bars and restaurants.

valencia nightclub laydownLaydown: a new concept on the Valencia club scene, Laydown is about dancing and chilling out on luxurious white sofas (or are they beds?) with your shoes kicked off. This is a hen party paradise. Laydown has a great dj offering an eclectic mix of dance, chill out and soul/r-n-b classics. The food is great, as are the cocktails. A drag show and live singer complete the night out. Laydown closes “early” at 3-4 a.m., but just follow the local cognoscenti to MYA or one of the other clubs afterwards.

Valencia Nightclubs – Summer Only (May, June, July, August, September & October)

Like their city’s emblem, the bat, the inhabitants of Valencia rarely sleep at night in the summertime (maybe a long siesta down at the beach, shaded from the summer sun). From June until September many open air night clubs are packed with locals and tourists alike. The dj’s offer an eclectic mix of music styles: house, R&B and cheesy and, over a night of drinking and dancing till dawn, you will even become a Spanish pop music aficionado! For summer shimmying, we recommend the following clubs in Valencia:

Valencia NightclubsL’Umbracle:
opposite the “City of Science”, L’Umbracle has perhaps the most awe-inspiring outdoor terrace in all of Spain. It is an immense white sofa lounge surrounded by palm trees and, at the rear, it has a large dance floor with an impressive circular Dj booth. Las Animas Puerto: on top of an old docks warehouse, this club has three dance floors, offering house, r’n’b and mainstream music and an unrestricted view of both the beach and the America’s Cup Port. A bit less posh than L’Umbracle, Las Animas Puerto is the perfect ending to a bar crawl along the beachfront. Looking for a bar crawl with free nightclub entry? Click here.

Valencia Nightclubs – do’s and don’ts

  • The crowd and staff at Spanish clubs are generally laid back, friendly and up for a big night out. But do play by the local rules and don’t fall foul of the bouncers (in Spain just as bipolar a breed as any the world over).
  • Don’t peak too early! Spanish clubbing is a late late pursuit. In most cases clubs do not get lively till 2-3 a.m. or even later in summer. For Spaniards a night out is just that, all night out!
  • Don’t expect normal bar prices. In general drink prices at the bar in Spanish clubs are 2-3 times the price in bars. Locals spend more time dancing than drinking and often just order one for the whole night!
  • Do book VIP passes as over the piece, the drink prices are less than just buying at the bar (and you will have reserved seating and look very cool !)
  • Do wear the right stuff: avoid trainers and designer t-shirts just in case. Don’t wear fancy dress, sandals, flip-flops etc.
  • Don’t show up legless at the door (you will not get in – neither may the rest of your mates)
  • Don’t make aggressive or “clever ” remarks to bouncers (you will not get in)
  • Don’t expect staff to have a sophisticated command of English (most do not)

Valencia Night Club Bookings – what else do I need to know?

  • For most of our club bookings, we issue you with a voucher with details of your booking. The purpose of this voucher is informative, containing information on location, procedure at door, times and so on. It is a written guarantee that a booking has been made on your behalf with the club by us. Vouchers do not constitute tickets for the venue and will not be taken as such by door staff.
  • Normal rules of admission will apply at clubs. Holding one of our vouchers does not change this. In cases of groups who hold our voucher not being admitted for reasons of behaviour, dress, punctuality or other reasons, we are not obliged to return advance amounts paid.

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