20 minutes
2 strippers
Chocolate fun!
Get the Stag in!

Valencia Stag chocolate!

Chocolate mud-wrestling with two sexy strippers getting dirty in the ring? Oh yes! Your Valencia Stag do is going to be epic when your crew signs on for their very own private chocolate mud-wrestling stripper extravaganza! Two girls enter….and then the Stag gets dragged in for some tasty fun!

Give your group for a jolly ol’ time….with chocolate covered strippers! Our custom chocolate wrestling pool is waiting for you at our private venue. Enjoy some drinks at the bar and then the bell rings for action!

This is a performance you will remember. Get those cameras ready for Stag humiliation!

Your two buxom strippers await….in the chocolate mud ring! After a round or two usually the Stag is dragged in for a bit of dirty fun! Don’t worry, the strippers will have him covered!

Valencia Stag Valencia Stag Valencia Stag

We have the event you want to make your Valencia Stag experience spectacular! With music, a private venue and a pool full of strippers and chocolate, things are going to be messy!

This was just what we wanted. We never would have been able to put this together ourselves. Everything happened right on time and the Stag is going to have some sweet memories. – John, Manchester, 2016

Epic Valencia Stag chocolate mud-wrestling – typical schedule

  • Chocolate mud-wrestling happens when you want it. You arrive at our venue for drinks before and then the show will begin!
  • Optional tranport to and from the venue (located 10 minutes walk from the city centre) is available at additional cost

Chocolate mud-wrestling – what is included

  • 20 minute chocolate mud-wrestling show in a private venue with two strippers
  • Music provided
  • Drinks at our full-service bar are available for purchase onsite

Chocolate mud-wrestling – what else do I need to know?

  • What happens in Valencia stays in Valencia 😉
  • A towel and a shower are provided for the Stag afterwards – he’s going to need it!
  • Looking for more fun? How about some BULLFIGHTING to get you in the mood?

How can I book chocolate mud-wrestling in Valencia?