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Gloria Sempere

Administration and Finance Manager – The Spain Event

Gloria SempereAs a native Spaniard, let’s face it,  Gloria knows Spain better than any of us. Many of us reckon it’s an unfair advantage to be born here (yeah…alright…) but we aren’t holding it against her.  Gloria is always happy to point out that most tourists coming to Spain are spoiled for choice.

But when pushed (and after thinking about it for a good while to eliminate score of other obvious choices) she settles for these as the most lovable features of her home country: the cultural diversity; the tolerance that goes with it (#vivalafiesta!); and the great food and drink that you’ll find in every nook and cranny of Spain.

Gloria loves hanging out in Valencia’s happening, seriously cool and ultra-historic Zona del Carmen.  Now, as some of you may just know, “The Carmen” is a place where you could sit sipping anís and café solo, perusing rather fine examples of humanity parading past, pretty much until the vacas reach their casa. And actually some do!

Her top recommendation for a fantastic weekend trip ? Has to be  Granada! Hard to imagine anything closer to paradise (well anything legal… )  than sitting (or standing!) in Granada’s Albayzin watching the golden sunset reflect on the reddish walls of the mighty Alhambra*

“What I love about being part of The Spain Event is that we help people lose their inhibitions and bring out the playful child that is inside all of us and that is so often repressed (even when it’s a rather wild little bra…eh…kiddy..). In the end it’s about enjoying experiences to the full and having memories that will linger….”  

Gloria’s top tips for Spain and Portugal:

  • Our Cruises and Private Boat Trips really make the day for all sorts of groups: stag groups, hen, corporate etc. Wonderful day together sailing I highly recommend for groups in Valencia, Barcelona, Benidorm, Marbella, Algarve, Lisbon etc.
  • Porto is a fantastic place to visit and the wine there simply devine. It’s still off the beaten track but getting more and more popular, so go before the hordes arrive

Contact Gloria on:

  • Office/Direct in Valencia: +34 960 214 441
  • Email: gloria@thespainevent.com
  • Twitter: @thespainevent

*By the way, also a brand of rather fine Spanish beer!