Sport Lovers Stag Do in Spain

Whether it’s getting right into the action yourself, or more in the capacity of spectator, Spain has got you covered if you’re looking to take a somewhat sporty theme to your stag do plans. Because, as well as cities, towns and beach resorts that like nothing better than a long, long night of drink, music and merriment; it also happens to be a country with a hearty and healthy obsession with sport of all kinds.

And we don’t just mean lobbing spears at a bulls, you know.

So, for your reading pleasure and planning assistance, here’s a run down of just a few of the sporting themed stag dos you can enjoy in Spain.

Footy Lover’s Paradise

Magaluf Bubble Football

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first – Spain is a football lover’s dream. Home to some of the world’s best players and the biggest clubs on the planet, there are fewer places more obsessed than Spain when it comes to the beautiful game. Which means that there are plenty of opportunities to indulge your own passion; in both a traditional and slightly off-beat way.

If it’s simply sampling the best of Spanish football then you’ve got a huge amount of choices across the major cities in the country. Museum tours and league matches are available at the iconic stadiums and clubs in Spain:

  • Real Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Atletico Madrid

However, if you want to get a bit more active than that then why not pack your trainers and enjoy the latest fad for football with a twist with a day of Bubble Football? It’s rough, tumble and, frankly, hilarious.

Go Karting

One of the classic stag activities, Spain has a load of go karting options with locals as keen to emulate Alonso as we Brits aspire towards Hamilton (do we?)

For instance, along with the pubs, bars, clubs and other ‘culture’ in Madrid, you can while a few high octane hours with the smell of petrol in the nostrils at the 500m indoor track in the Spanish capital. With karts that can get up to 70mph this track offers some serious chance to unleash the Top Gear fan within and go head to head with your mates on a turbo charged track replete with hair pins, bridges and chicanes.

Alternatively there’s one of Spain’s best outdoor tracks for a memorable Go Kart Grand Prix should you be planning a visit to Valencia for your stag do.


Jetski stag do

OK, take your mind out of the gutter for a moment – we mean sporting activities in the sea and lakes of sunny Spain.

Whether you’re thinking of heading to the Costa Del Sol, the Canaries or the Balearic Islands of Majorca or Ibiza, there are no end of daytime aquatic frolics to get the adrenaline pumping just a little bit.

From the good, old-fashioned banana boat ride to parasailing, water skiing and scuba to the super cool experience of bouncing over the waves on your own jetski or a more chilled booze cruise on the Med.

Or these little beauties for full throttle adrenaline junkies:

  • High-speed Powerboat rides
  • Flyboarding
  • White Water Rafting

Mountain Sports

Spain also offers a plethora of opportunities to go a little more rural and hit the mountainous countryside on your stag do. A short journey into the interior of Majorca, for instance, offers some spectacular and thoroughly challenging mountain bike routes for those with yellow jacket aspirations.

Or, if you’re heading to the mainland then the mountains just a short drive from the coast of Marbella offer some serious thrills on a range of canyoning routes.

As a stag venue, Spain ticks the boxes when it comes to mixing late night escapades, partying and hedonism with some major hangover curing sporting adventures to cater to all tastes, likes and adrenaline levels.

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