Ibiza Town at Night – The Colour and the Crazy

Ibiza townThe sun sets on another sultry day in the Balearics and the first tingles of excitement ripple through the streets of Ibiza Town. By day the town, Ibiza’s largest conurbation, is another glittering gem of Mediterranean cool; yachts in a harbour whose opulent hulls glint in the sunlight, rows of cafés and bars serving cold beer and coffee to a chilled out soundtrack of urbane tunes while the tourists amble through the streets and market stalls.

Ibiza Town is a melting pot blend; a seamless mix which brings the fashionably chic and beautiful folk together with the endless summer hippies and artists, the chilled out with the party animals. Gay, straight, young and old; rock stars and tourists occupying the town, adding to its rich, unique vibe.

A town which simmers through the day, ready to explode in a vibrant torrent of colour and crazy as the darkness descends. To say that Ibiza Town comes to life at night is to underestimate the notion. The streets fill with fun seekers and whatever their fancy, it’s never too hard to find.

An Ibiza Town smorgasbord

Ibiza Town

For those of a gastronomic bent there’s a wealth of dining hotspots throughout the city; traditional tapas bars tucked away among the cobbled streets of the old town area or a range of cuisines from around the globe along the harbour; perfect spots from which to witness the gloriously eclectic characters who meander and dance through the streets of this wonderfully wild town.

Anything Goes in Ibiza Town and at night everything is likely to be on show. Boutiques which offer a sense of the opulent keep their doors open late, happy to sit among the hippie stalls offering their hemp based crafts and the fetish stores that sit unabashed on the ironically named street of the virgin.

The streets are a bustle of tourists and party-goers, of stilted performers and transgendered fun-worshipers, outrageous of attire and bursting with colour and a sense of the carefree hedonism that’s hard not to be swept up in.

To the edges of the town there’s the hideaway venues and exclusive retreats for the rich and the famous. EL Madrigal or Cipriani; high-end destinations for high-rolling visitors. Cool refinement is the order of things here, a glass of something bubbly and some chilled Ibizan sounds with a backdrop of spectacular views across the town.

Clubber’s Paradise in Ibiza Town

This is a venue for the serious clubbers. This is the town of Pacha – a more iconic club you’ll scarcely find anywhere in Europe. With its famous cherry logo, Pacha has been a staple of Ibizan nightlife for forty years. The heartbeat of the club scene and the venue of choice for the world’s best DJs, not to mention those celebrities keen to be seen partying hard at one of the major hotspots anywhere in Europe.

Pacha’s influence can be felt throughout the town; you’ll be hard pressed to avoid those barely dressed promo people in streets, enticing you to venture forth to the hallowed venue.

Of course, it’s not all about Pacha. Booom, Amnesia, Space and Privilege all offering the big night party experience that only a super-club can. Nights which don’t get started until the midnight hour has passed, pumping the tunes ‘til sunrise where you’ll wind down to a chilled beat as a night that will live long in the memory draws to a satisfying end.


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