5 Reasons for an Ibiza Town Stag Do

Ibiza townSo you’re planning the big stag do abroad and looking for places to visit that adds a touch of class to the obvious quest for hedonistic pleasures, partying and good-old fashioned adult debauchery and fun. Then look no further that an Ibiza Town stag.

Ibiza Town brings it all together in one classy, hazy and slightly delirious package for that perfect bon voyage to single life. Of course you don’t go on an Ibiza stag without experiencing a night at an iconic Ibiza nightclub…


Not a place for understatement, this is the big daddy venue where the staff are beautiful, the music throbs and the whole building positively oozes with opulent indulgence. It’s not cheap – not by a long stretch – but if you are planning a stag do splurge then place Pacha high on the list of memorable moments that will live long for all who attend.

Pacha Ibiza Town Stag Do

Waterfront Bar Crawl

The pub crawl might be the life-blood activity of many a stag do. So if that’s the plan then Ibiza Town is as stylish an option as you are likely to find. The array of bars on offer along the pedestrianised waterfront area is as cool as you are going to find anywhere in Europe. Cafes and bars in which to chill out and watch the many beautiful people around Plaza del Parque or liven things up with some of the more frenetic club bars by the water; this is a mix of traditional boozy fun with Mediterranean style with a mix of rich and famous among the regular Joe’s out for a very good time indeed.

Playa D’en Bossa

This is your daytime destination when you visit Ibiza Town. The longest stretch of beach on the island and cooler beach area you’re unlikely to find this side of Miami’s South Beach. From chill out inducing Bali Beach Beds to assortment of beach bars and the sound of some chilled out summer music from the local DJs this is where the batteries are recharged in the heat of the Balearic sun, where the sexy folk hang out, show off and generally add to the ambiance before heading back to town for another night of late, late partying.


Of course, there’s some excellent reasons from staying in Playa D’en Bossa into the night as well. Not least the emergence in recent years of Sankeys as one of the world’s great dance club destinations for an  Ibiza town stag. Sister to the iconic Manchester club this is a blend of the UK indie-dance scene with a touch of Ibiza inflected cool. With some seriously impressive resident DJs along with an A-List of regular guests Sankeys offers three different dance rooms and different party nights throughout the year. And, with new Pioneer Sound System fitted the club boasts one of the loudest, most intense music experiences of any club you’ll visit in Europe. This is a must visit for serious club dwellers.

Ibiza Town Stag Parade

In keeping with liberal, hedonistic and colourful reputation of the area, Ibiza Town’s regular after-dark parades are a vibrant, unrestrained and brash tribute to the anything goes spirit. A mix of scantily clad men and women, stilt walkers and some of the most amazingly attired members of the LGBT community make their presence suitably known as they head through the old cobbled streets of the town. the parade is a nightly celebration of the island’s liberal and party-orientated values and one of those see-it-to-believe-it events that offers a truly unique addition and dash of colour to any stag do experience.

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