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Five-star experiences for individuals, couples, companies and groups

As specialists based in Spain we have our feet on the ground where you need them. As one of Spain and Portugal’s most experienced Destination Management companies we can provide the knowledge, the range and depth unlike others. Our prestige travel options give you the 5-star service you require for a top class company or luxury travel group.

Team-building, incentives and rewards  for company groups

Bring your team to Spain to work or play together. Allow us to offer you high quality accommodation, transport and leisure activities. Feel and taste the sensations of Spain. Browse our web to find a range of Prestige Travel ideas. Destination Management services, Team-building, rewards and Corporate Travel ideas. Luxury Trips to Barcelona, Madrid, Andalusia, Mallorca, Ibiza, Valencia and the Algarve Portugal.

What Prestige Travel means – to us and you!

They say that a magician must never reveal how their best tricks are done, but here, in our Prestige section, we’re going to make you the Harry Houdini of event planning  – we don’t mind letting you in on our Spanish secrets.

In the movie “The Prestige” Michael Caine explains the three acts that constitute a magic trick.  Here’s how it works:

  • The Pledge –you promise your group an unforgettable Iberian adventure.
  • The Turn – you turn to us, at the Spain Event
  • The Prestige – a fully formed Spanish weekend materialises from thin air.

Your colleagues’ doubts instantly disappear. Cue deafening applause from one and all!  Of course, you can give a nod to your glamorous, all-knowing assistant here at the Spain Event, but we assure you that the credit will be all yours.

In arriving at our Prestige section, you’ve found the mysterious box where we keep our most astounding powers of organisation. Just let us know how you imagine your perfect Spanish group trip, and we’ll have a spectacular itinerary prepared faster than you can say Abracadabra.

Bespoke Travel ideas for incentives and Luxury visits to Spain

We don’t need a top-hat and tails to conjure up a jaw-dropping group weekend in Spain. However, elegance and sophistication are key ingredients in the Spanish cocktail we’re preparing for you. Pinpoint preparation and attention to detail are also pre-requisites for all our prestige groups. Forget cheap gimmicks like umbrellas or sparklers – our prestige packages are all about the flavour, so expect your weekend to be metaphorically served in an iced, crystal glass and expertly mixed with a double shot of premium liquor. Bespoke is how we do it, so don’t hesitate to ask us for an extra twist of local culture. This is your Spanish weekend, and we want your group to savour every last drop.