4 Activities for a Capital Stag Do in Madrid

First thing’s first – Madrid is NOT a venue for ‘Kiss Me Quick’ hats and watered down lager in a plastic pint pot. To opt for a stag do in Madrid is to choose a blend of Latin sophistication with some classy, sultry and exceptionally long party nights in the super cool venues that provides the cultural heartbeat of Spain’s capital city.

bernabeu stadium madrid

But don’t panic, there’s a plethora of reasons that can make Madrid the perfect destination for a weekend of fun, party time and memories (even if some of them might end up being a touch hazy). From the sublime to the mildly ridiculous, here’s a few activities to be had around Spain’s biggest city.

Have a Real Good Day Out at the Bernabeu

For football lovers then it really doesn’t get much bigger than the Bernabeu Stadium. Home to the mighty Real Madrid, not only the biggest team in Spain but the biggest, most successful team in the history of the game – worldwide.

A trip to the Bernabeu is a bit of a must for any discerning lover of the beautiful game planning a trip to Madrid – a chance to pay a visit to one of the real iconic landmarks in the sport. Taking a tour of the stadium provides an opportunity to see behind the scenes of the famous stadium, to walk in the footsteps of some of the greatest players ever to grace the field: Zidane, Raul, Puskas, DiStefano and 2 kinds of Ronaldo – just for starters.

But for the full on the experience, you really want to coincide your stag do with a match day and a chance to sample the unique thrill of Los Blancos as they do battle with one of their La Liga rivals.

Bull Running

Not the full on bull running that you’ll encounter at Pamplona but a Madrid stag do can offer the, somewhat original, opportunity to have a fairly heart-thumping encounter with a baby bull.

Not everyone’s cup of tea for sure, but this remains a real Spanish tradition and an addition to any stag do that you can safely put into the  unusual activities bracket.

Essentially this is a session of joining a professional bull-fighter / runner who’ll guide you and help you as you are brought face to face with a baby bull who may not necessarily be that chuffed to see you.

Dead Dictator Day

By: Cosimo Roams

So, you fancy adding a touch of the macabre into your stag do? We’ve got you covered with a chance to head off and visit the tomb of General Franco. Now, if you know your history you’ll know that Franco ruled Spain as a dictatorship from 1936 until his death in 1975.

And this is your chance to go see him at his mausoleum .

Now, it’s fair to say that Franco remains a somewhat divisive figure in Spain, so best watch what you say in company. Nevertheless, for those who do have an interest in delving into a nation’s history, for good or for bad, then this is offers a slightly odd but interesting trip – before hitting the bars, of course.

Laser Gun Fights

Paintball without the paint.

Madrid offers a daytime bit of traditional stag fun, albeit in a somewhat non-traditional fashion.

Instead of covering up and popping paint pellets at your enemy, in this more modern version, you can go all stormtrooper on your foe with lasers. Each suit will have sensors fixed upon them, if you get hit the sensors will let you know.

As with all activities of this type, this is a chance for a couple of hours to work off last night’s hangover while developing a proper thirst for the night to come.


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