Valencia Nightlife – 4 of the Coolest Venues to hit on Your Stag Weekend

Valencia nightlifeIn recent years the Valencia nightscene has slowly but surely developed into one of the coolest to head to for your stag weekend. Come the night this beautiful, vibrant city comes alive as the multitudinous bars and clubs pulsate to cool tunes as the city parties hard and, as is generally the way in Spain, long into the small hours before dawn. If you’re looking for a bit of class, good food, endless drink, fun-filled days and hard-partying nights then Valencia has it all, wrapped up among the chic streets of this stylish, historic city.

And when you go, it’d be worth a look into some of these Valencia nightscene hotspots,

L’Umbracle – Mya

If you’ve come to the Valencia nightscene to dance then L’Umbracle – Mya is where you need to head for. A true late night party club located in the Arts and Science district in the city centre the club has the unique distinction of being an open air club.

It’s one of the more pricey places in the city to get into but once inside (or rather, outside) you’ll be in for a hard party night. The dance floor is large and generally busy although, with the night air and a view of the stars above helps staves off too much in the way of the sweaty faced syndrome when pogoing the night away.
There’s a playlist of standard chart music in the main dance area with a more electronic vibe in the smaller dance floor inside. The fun doesn’t get going until around 1am and goes hard until dawn.

Noise Valencia nightscene

Radio City

A mix of the vibrant and the cultural this is a venue at the heart of traditional Valencia nightlife. With live music and shows from modern to traditional flamenco the club boasts an eclectic atmosphere that seems to attract admirers from all backgrounds. Another venue to party into the night and a popular stop off point for many a bar and club crawl on a stag weekend. Each night tends to be different with opportunities to enjoy the beer and atmosphere or dance to a varied blend of tunes. As the night wears on the place can get crowded so get I before midnight if you want to spend time in the club.

L’Ermita Cafe Cultural

A change of pace is required at L’Ermita. This is a more refined and cosy spot if you’re looking for a quitter time of things, maybe a chilled out start to the night’s proceedings. Set in its artsy surroundings this is a café bar to sit around and shoot the breeze with your friends, sampling the imported beers and the wine and indulging in some good eating as chilled out, ambient music plays in the background. A favourite for those looking for a more chilled out time.

Hawaika Cocktail Bar

Another popular spot on the drinking trail in Valencia is Hawaika, a cocktail bar with a distinctly Polynesian feel. With its novel décor and Tiki the parrot relaxing behind the bar this is a fun venue to come to on any night out. Known for its cocktails, in particular the Tiki cocktail which everyone is encouraged to sample, Hawaika is a something of a novelty but a lot of fun as part of any night out and sure to put you in the right frame of mind for the rest of the night’s activities.

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