4 Reasons to Make Palma Your Stag Destination

Palma Majorca

The Balearic Island of Majorca is one of the perennial holiday destinations for Brits heading abroad; be that for a family vacation, romantic getaway or a week of bawdy, boozy mayhem with your posse of pals. And, whereas the typical hot spots for such adventures may point you towards Magaluf, Palma Nova or Alcudia, for a perfectly planned stag weekend that mixes daytime fun in the sun with a touch of class and cool clubbing at night then a few days in the island’s capital city of Palma may be just the ticket.

And here’s just a few reasons why:

Upmarket Cool (But Plenty of Party!)

OK, so this is not flat-out party carnage in the same way that you’ll find in the clubs of Magaluf. There’s a somewhat more upmarket air to the Palma nightlife – more in line perhaps with the vibe you’d find in Barcelona.

But just because it doesn’t have the same raucousness as the (in)famous shagaluf – don’t for a second think that Palma is lacking in dusk til dawn partying opportunity – we are still in Spain after all.

From some cool tapas bars in which to line the stomach and a selection of bars along the impressive harbour the city also boasts some seriously funky Latin style clubs that throb their distinctive beats across the streets, compelling you through the doors to groove through the sultry nights.

The Nightlife

Because the city may be the upmarket neighbour of noisy Magaluf, but the nightlife is still one to savour. The early part of the evening opens up the chance to take in the huge range of bars and dining, from fast food to gastronomic treats. There are rustic bars packed with the locals, typical party bars and even the extravagant cocktail lounge of Abaco, within a 17th Century Palace no less.

As is the case in Spanish culture, things tend not to liven up until much later, and as the midnight hour approaches, so the scene turns to the clubs – to Tito’s and Pacha, with their pulsing music and uber-cool surroundings, with spectacular views over the harbour as you dance until the sun comes up.

And if you really want your fill of foam party debauchery – Magaluf is only 20 minutes along the coast.

The Marina

The large horseshoe shaped marina in Palma offers a sense of real Mediterranean sophistication – if that’s appeal to you. Gleaming yachts bob gently on the blue harbour waters as you stroll, or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, Segway, along the the promenade, taking in the opulent view. The marina offers a super cool place to base yourself for a late afternoon livener before the real action of the night gets under way. From popular chains such as Hard Rock Cafe to a range of local cafes, restaurants and bars, there’s plenty of choice to get the evening jollies started.

And during the day itself, well – there’s opportunity to take in a different perspective, getting out onto the water itself with a luxury catamaran cruise offering chances to take in the spectacular bay and the towering Gothic cathedral; a chance to wine and dine on deck and even take a plunge into the water itself with a spot of snorkelling.

You’re There Once You’ve Landed

Why fly from the UK for two hours to get on a bus and head out of town to another resort when one of the coolest cities in Spain is right on your doorstep?

The airport is only 6Km from the centre and, once your transport has met you, you’re just minutes from getting stuck into the frivolities that Palma has to offer.

And from a plethora of daytime activities to some seriously quality nightlife that caters to all, bars and cafes, clubs and lapdancing aplenty – Palma is an urbane, bustling city that delivers everything you need for a full on top class stag weekend in Spain.

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