Marbella Baby Bull Running

Baby Bull Run  in MarbellaLooking for an absolutely unique Spanish experience? Look no further! Try a once-in-a-lifetime bullring bonanza in Marbella! Baby Bull Running is an ancient and incredibly fun Spanish tradition for celebrating special occasions (and feeling a pair of horns flash perilously close to your rear-end…) No animals are harmed before during or after this event! Welcome to the capea, also called baby bull running. You’ll spend at least one hour dodging from pillar to post in a real bull-ring with the company of a fearsome baby bull.

Baby Bull Run Fiesta in Marbella or Estepona

If you’re the best-man-to-be, or a Costa del Sol stag group organiser who just wants your mates’ admiration (admit it, that’s you…), there’s no doubt about it – baby bull running will set the calf among the pigeons ! Have you ever considered doing anything as daft as learning to be a bullfighter, or getting an induction as a matador, read on torero!

Forget blood soaked images of bullfighting and matadors, no animals are harmed here (whether on four legs or two!), and because you’re in Spain, the whole event takes place sitting back in the afternoon sun with copious amounts of laughter and possibly a cold beer or two.



As with much in Spain, despite all the hype, no harm is done to animals during this activity which is organised by animal-lovers. It has nothing to do with the “real” version of bullfighting.

Baby Bull Running in Marbella – put your bullocks to the test!

The Spanish Kicks Bull Run package includes a Spanish bullring, complete with typical Spanish music, matador’s hat and cape, and of course your own ‘friendly’ young bullock! All in all this is a hilarious activity and a real one-off to add to your Marbella experience.  This is afer all the legendary home of the Andalusian bullfighter. No harm to the animals!

If you want to go the whole hog and hire the place for a six-hour day out, for a little extra we can throw in a sizzling barbecue lunch with drinks of your choice.

Bull run package in Marbella – more details

  • Location: various locations near Marbella/Estepona and Malaga.
  • Start time and duration inc transport: 1pm, approx 3.5 hrs.
  • Available: weekends
  • Included: Transport, specialist guide, all equipment, insurance.
  • Additional beers and a full Spanish barbecue lunch can be added (ask us about prices).
  • Tips: Bring sun block and wear sturdy trainers.

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