Why Barcelona Beats the Rest

Barcelona BeachBarca, Barca, Barca. In my humble, but also seriously well informed (can one be both?!) opinion Barcelona is the place to be. Every time I go back there I’m literally hopping off the plane. In a manly way, you understand. It has everything anyone could possibly want, if what you want is sun, sea, sand, great views, amazing buildings, stunning pieces of art, great nightlife, amazing food and beautiful women. And if it doesn’t, then I have one question for you. What’s wrong with you?! Go read a blog about fly fishing and let the rest of us get down to some Barca chat in this Barcelona blog.

Barcelona kicks ass

So what’s so great about Barcelona you say? Well that’s exactly what this Barcelona blog is here for. It does exactly what is says on the tin or er page. First there’s the footy team. You may of heard of them. The not too shabby likes of Messi and that interesting fellow Suarez occasionally dazzle and entertain. So my first piece of advice in the Barcelona blog would be to sell your first born, or pay a reasonable chunk of money, to get tickets to go see them. The Burnabeu really is something to behold. And being a Gooner, beautiful football and stadiums I know.


Another great thing about Barca is that it is one of the few big cities that has a long, sandy beach attached to it. Perfect for a bit of bird watching.. And also sailing. The catamaran cruises here are some of the best I’ve been on, the views are amazing. Lying back checking out the view from the sea with some tunes and ice cold beer, not a bad way to spend a few hours. You can also do a spot of water sports at this point too. I recommend flyboard, the clue is in the name. You fly. On a board. It’s pretty mental but so much fun! The only problem is you may find it quite addictive, I know I did.

Barcelona BBR

Another slightly bonkers Barca activity which I feel impelled to write about in this Barcelona blog and one that I really enjoyed was the Baby Bull Running, again not much explanation is required with that name.. but I will say that it is much, much funnier than it sounds. Even if the bulls are not as quite as cute and cuddly as the ‘baby’ part may suggest (or maybe the word ‘baby’ does in fact instil fear and panic in you) it is a hilarious way to spend an afternoon. Watching your mates flail about and dive over the walls to get away from the ‘baby’, quite often when the bull isn’t actually that close, is, no pun intended, bloody funny. I also liked that for a little time at least myself and my mates got to step away from all the trendiness of Barcelona and the buzzing city life and just be men, full of camaraderie and on top showing off form, for a while. Some more, and much less, than others.

Top Grub

One of the other things I would like to discuss in this Barcelona blog is one of my absolute fav reasons for going back to Barcelona again and again, apart from the weather and beautiful women, the food. I’m a big fan of food and beer. Both of which you can find in abundance and quality in this city. My mates and I went on an excellent tapas tour last time we visited. I definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, have no problem recommending this. You get beer. With food. Spot on. Most of the lads had no idea what to order but after the tour we’ve all become tapas experts and discovered a few we can not pronounce but would order again if there are pictures.

Top Clubs

Clubbing is a big deal in this big city and something this Barcelona blog writer loves to do. The Spanish know how to party like we, the English, know how to drink. Which of course makes a perfect combo. There’s so many clubs to choose from, you can’t stumble down the street without falling into a good one, but for me the best ones are Shoko and Opium. Both have wicked décor and terraces and top djs.

So I hope this little blogging snippet has gone some way to convincing you to take a trip to Barcelona for your or your mates stag do. If you do, you won’t be disappointed. Like I said, beer, food, hot women, great weather, fun stuff to do and a buzzing nightlife. What’s not to love?

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