Barcelona things to do – Happy Hen

Barcelona things to doBarcelona, one of the best cities in Spain. Why? Well I could write this blog for hours on the subject Barcelona things to do on a hen do weekend but who has the time these days to write or read that much on the fast changing, every evolving world-wide web?! Not you or I I’m sure. So just for you I’m going to break down my reasons into nice easily digestible chunks and convince you that Barca is one of the top destinations for a hen do.

Barcelona things to do – Beautiful Beach

My first chunk has to be the beach. I’m a big fan of a good beach and Barcelona’s never disappoints. Golden sand stretching for miles, nice, calm, cooling waves, a beautiful port with some seriously nice yachts and not forgetting the occasional smoking hot Spaniard tanning it up and flexing his muscles on said beach. One fab way to enjoy this particular stretch of beautiful coast line is on a catamaran. I love, love, love doing this. There’s just something so relaxing about lying on a large white net, with the sea underneath, swaying slightly, listening to tunes and drinking a sangria. It makes me happy. I highly recommend it. Whenever you get the chance.

Barcelona things to do

Barcelona things to do – Flamenco Fabulous

I really can’t blabber on about Barca without mentioning the Flamenco. Either watching it live or doing it yourself, it sums up why Barcelona is such a fun city. Passion, fire, sexiness and a little bit of stomping and shouting thrown in. You can’t help but feel thoroughly alive when Flamenco is involved.

Barcelona things to do – Fab Food

Barcelona things to doAnother must do, see, eat part of Barcelona has to be the wine and tapas! I can not recommend this enough. In abundance. The people of Barca know how to eat and drink. Plus the tapas bars are always buzzing with life and chat and music. So as not to get confused with what you are eating and finding out which are the best ones, I would book a guide. My friends and I had a great one last time we went. His name was Juan. So we called him John. He took us to 5 different bars along a really cool strip, ordered each tapa for us (those who don’t know a tapa is just a small dish of food ranging from anything from mini sandwiches, meat balls in sauce (my personal fav) to fish) recommended some and even got us some freebies. And we of course washed down the food with lots and lots of red wine. Honestly I could do this all day. Everyday. If I had the time. And John on speed dial.

Barcelona things to do – Carefree Clubbing

Barcelona has some of the best clubs I’ve been to. And the best thing about them is they Barcelona things to dorange so much in size, style and music that you can literally find one to suit everyone’s preferences. The ones along the port are good, unpretentious fun and worth doing almost like a bar crawl, hopping from one to the other. For me though it has to be Shoko and Opium every time I visit. I’m in love with the terrace at Shoko and I sit there dreaming and pretending that it’s my terrace at home (with the Barca weather included too of course!) It’s stunning. I love that fact that people dress up a bit there too, a perfect excuse to buy some new heels in the Barca shops. The VIP section in Opium is placed alongside my Shoko terrace in my imaginary house… Musically they’re both really good and will definitely get you on your dancing feet.

Barcelona things to do – Hen Heaven

images-1There are so many Barcelona things to do, see, eat, drink, watch and take part in here and my main recommendation would be to mix up the days and nights as they both have so much to offer equally. There are loads of good tours, and I would recommend a guide as Barcelona can get a bit confusing. Personally, I think Barcelona is perfect for an excellent hen do simply because it has so many options. The only problem you have is deciding what to do! I hope I’ve helped. See you there!

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