A Brief Guide to Puerto Banus


Style and Glamour on the Costa Del Sol

Synonymous with style and a playground for the rich and the glamourous, Puerto Banus has grown to become one of the destinations for weekend-breakers, holiday-makers and those looking to add a little glitz into their stag or hen do.

The marina town to the southwest of Marbella takes its name from Jose Banus, the property developer whose vision it was to make the resort a place of class and luxury; the aim always to draw the rich and the famous to this little portion of the Costa Del Sol.

Puerto Banus enjoys a prime spot of Andalucían coastline, with the calm waters of the Mediterranean lapping against its shore. And, as with neighbouring Marbella, the region’s unique micro-climate lends the place mild temperatures all year round, making it an ideal place to head to at any time.

In the past two decades the resort has continued to grow, developing into a model of sophistication. Huge, sleek yachts sits in the marina, these impressive symbols of opulence, glinting in the Spanish sun. Stretching back from the bay are rows of streets lined with low-level buildings in traditional Mediterranean white, home to a wide collection of designer shops, classy restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Luxurious apartments and chic hotels nestle among exclusive boutiques, looking out over the harbour across the azure water of the Med and beyond to the distant shores of Africa.

The resort has become a hotspot for the glitterati – actors and rock stars, footballers and royalty.

Beyond that, however, it’s one of the premier resorts for holiday-makers anywhere in Europe; in excess of 5 million tourists coming to stay over the course of an average year. Drawn to the place by its unabashed lavishness, this is a resort in which to indulge yourself. Offering fine dining, five-star retail therapy and night scene to compete with the best Puerto Banus delivers style, fun and an opportunity to unwind from the stresses of modern living in a haven of luxury.

However, whilst the town airs on the side of unashamedly plush, don’t be deceived into thinking it’s all simply about the beautiful people preening along the harbour side. As a hotbed for young travellers and stag and hen weekends Puerto Banus also delivers when it comes to long nights of hedonistic delight.

As with most resorts in Spain the nightlife gets underway late and goes on well into the wee hours of the next morning with so much choice that there’s really something for everyone and every taste.

You can, of course chill out in one of the chic bars along the marina – maybe in the vicinity of a famous face or two, or enjoy a quiet tapas, a bottle of rioja and some laid back tunes, But for the livelier option then there’s a plethora or party bars and nightclubs to while away another evening. From the upmarket venues of aqwamist to the wild, somewhat more traditionally toned Lineker’s Bar you can be sure that every night in Puerto Banus brings with it a chance to unwind, let go and party on until the sun comes up.

Jose Banus envisioned his resort to be a glittering jewel in the Andalucian crown. He would be happy with his wish as Puerto Banus remains today a glittering beacon of class and style upon the shores of the Costa Del Sol.

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