Canyoning in the Costa Del Sol

CanyoningThink the Costa Del Sol and our thoughts invariably turn towards golden sand, azure sea and trendy clubs; hot days and long, sultry nights. How ever, for those in search of a slightly more adrenaline fuelled day then you might want to consider giving canyoning a go on your next visit to Andalucía.

It’s a chance to get the testosterone pumping, to get all Indiana Jones like (whilst trying to avoid being all Wile E Coyote like) and unleash the action-adventure character you’ve always dreamed of being.

What is Canyoning?

For those who don’t know what we mean, canyoning is an activity based around rivers and waterways; a combination of hiking, walking, climbing, jumping and abseiling as you negotiate a path along rivers and gorges, often in rugged, mountainous countryside.

Essentially, a canyon, from which the activity takes its name, is a ravine between rock faces, hillsides or cliffs, carved out naturally through the elements over time and, more often than not, a pathway for rivers and streams to flow. Whilst our mind may present us with images of the Grand Canyon and the landscape of Arizona or New Mexico, canyoning is an activity enjoyed the world over, with Spain and the Andalusian mountains just a hop away from the Costa Del Sol beaches in particular, a hotbed for some truly awesome adventure days.


What to Expect on your Canyoning Day

Making your way through the rivers, gorges and waterfalls of the Serrania De Rondo Mountains can be an experience you’ll not forget in a hurry, offering plenty of chances to reminisce and indeed brag, as you sup your San Miguel later in the night.

Based around the stunning mountain town of Benhavis, no more than half an hour inland from Marbella, you’ll set off over a series of waterfalls and gorges – wading and swimming across water of varying depths and speeds. You’ll encounter fast flowing rivers and streams, cool, calm and crystal clear pools of fresh and refreshing water.

A canyoning day out in the Costa Del Sol is a chance to push your limits – is you so choose – offering the chance to jump, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid style, from craggy cliffs or flowing foaming waterfalls, into the depths of the water below. Of course, unlike Butch and Sundance, you won’t be alone. Each canyoning adventure is led by an experienced, professional guide, on hand to ensure a safe passageway for all, whilst keeping the fun and thrills to their maximum.

Everyone has their limits of course, and the canyoning day can be catered to all, from the more cautious to the Point Break devoted adrenaline junkie.

Who Can Go Canyoning?

Whilst canyoning is suitable for most ages, the reality is that you need to be in reasonably good fitness and health before signing up. Not to mention that being a competent swimmer wouldn’t go amiss either, given the nature of the activity.

Canyoning offers one of the most thrilling, action-packed activities you can do and the mountains around Andalucía really are one of the best locations to give it a try. Whether an experienced participant or first-timer, the warm climate, crystal clean waters and the natural rugged beauty of the local landscape makes the region an absolutely perfect location.

It’s a fantastic alternative to lounging by the pool all day and can make for a brilliant day out when on holiday. And, for a stag or hen weekend – well, it’s a day that routinely provides thrills, laughs, stories and possibly some epic material for the best man’s speech come wedding day.

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