El Clasico Tickets: Will Messi be touching his nuts ?

el-clasico-tickets-messi-2016There isn’t much that a hard-working, dyed-in-the-wool Barça fan loves less than someone tocándo-se els ous while sporting the famous blaugrana top. Sly nut-touchers would rarely get on to the Barça bench, never mind the first eleven (although many would argue Ibra and several others have managed just that historically…). Well, the good news for Barça fans and for those looking for El Clasico tickets to see the world’s greatest football match, is that Leo Messi, injured in the match v Atletico Madrid,  is, in fact, only rubbing his groin, and in all likelihood will not miss el Clasico!

El Clasico Tickets: Camp Nou FC Barcelona v Real Madrid – 4th December 2016.

The Spanish Liga’s first clasico will take place at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on 4th December (or 3rd December if the Liga decides to move the fixture forward). Last year the spoils were split, in an unexpected way. Barcelona destroyed Real Madrid 0-4 at the Bernabeu (pretty much ending manager Benitez’s prospects of remaining at the club), but Madrid added spice to an end-of-season that had looked done-and-dusted by winning the Camp Nou return 1-2 in April 2016. Luis Enrique is still smarting from that….

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Hard to find: el clasico tickets ?

barcelona-real-madrid-el-clasico-ticketsYes, Barcelona v Real Madrid is a match that is automatically sold out several times over. Given the hype, the build-up, the morbo between these teams, and the near geo-political import of the match you wouldn’t expect to get a seat on the cheap. The match is usually pretty damn good too to be honest. In theory all of the seats at the Camp Nou are already taken either by season ticket holders (or “socios”) or by supporter clubs. Or by rich, famous and glamorous mates of the oligarchy that runs Spanish football. Not in any of those demographics ? Don’t worry The Spain Event will sort you out with El Clasico tickets. You’ll more likely than not use a member’s seat and that means you’ll get the best view in the house. Ask us about tickets for el clasico!

But more on the n-word.

Touching one’s nuts. Mmnn.. This dubious conduct, so frequently referred to in the day-to-day of Spain, seems to cut both ways. Those found guilty are reviled and berated, and the sheer frequency of the accusation in daily parlance, and the alacrity with which potential “tocadores” defend themselves against the charge lead this blogger to believe it may be an all too common indecency. But not on the football pitch surely ? Well, an injury to the groin of the world’s greatest player is not exactly good news, but it does explain that right hand.  Get well Leo, we need you fit in the Clasico. The groins, hearts and minds of Catalunya, Spain and the world join hands with you!

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