Easter in Spain

Easter in Spain and Las fallasWe bet you fancy a return trip to Spain in 2014. It was 80ºF in Valencia in mid February…Spring is arriving by sea.  The only clouds in the sky are from exploding firecrackers. In time-honoured style, Spain will dynamite the winter away with the outbreak of noisy socio-cultural anarchism that is Las Fallas.  The great Spanish conflagration begins March 1st, reaching a legless and senseless conclusion on the Nit de Foc (WTF!), a bonfire-night-gone bonkers on March 18th and 19th. Wet your gizzard and warm your hands round the pyre. You will not be disappointed. And you won’t sleep much either.

With Valencia in flames, head to Barcelona.  Just 2.3 hours up the coast by high-speed Euromed, with the gently lapping Cruzcampo urging you on, you’ll find Man City taking on FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou Stadium on 15th March. The Camp Nou is also soon to be dynamited, but this UEFA second round tie could be equally explosive as the light blue shirts of Man City attempt to avoid a serious scorching.  Barcelona’s strip design vies with Las Fallas as Loudest Thing in Spain, but that hideous mix of orange, yellow, and bathroom-scourer-blue is only seen at away matches!   City will need more than a puff of Ajax however,  if they are to clean up the Messi after a 2-0 first leg defeat. Even if you settle for a banger, book butifarra, bevvy and butaca here.

Spain is Exploding this Easter – what to do in Spain

If Pelligrini’s pyrotechnics haven’t put you off real football, the next stop is El Clasico in Madrid a true Spanish sparkler.  You may have noticed Barcelona’s defence has gone up in sulphurous flame, costing them points in La Liga, and now they seek a win at all cost. That could mean fireworks at Fortress Bernabeu, a legendary cauldron of klaxons, gunpowder, chorizo, and Mahou.  With Ronaldo rockets raining, and Bale bunging bengals, it will be down to the flare of Fabregas and the Catherine Wheels of Iniesta, Xavi and Messi.

Easter in Spain

Easter in Spain – unusual group activities

Easter in Spain usually means a tan, a cold, brandy, beer, sherry, prawns, castanets, bulls, images of passion, the agony of crucifixion. Does that remind you of the last time you tried to organise a trip abroad?  If you’re on a short fuse, no worries, let us help you make your trip go with a bang by throwing in a suitably incendiary cocktail of group activities.

Baby Bull Running is one unique stag weekend activity that you must try. And, with Spring come  Water Sports, Golf Packages, Boats and Booze Cruises, all over Spain and Portugal.  Barcelona Flyboarding makes you look like a massive tethered piranha on crack. 18 Holes of Golf in Valencia does not, but is arguably a much saner thing to do. We can offer marvellous Rooftop Apartments with views of the Mediterranean (and the Atlantic…work that one out!) and mucha mucha Cerveza Moritz to keep you cool in the Spring sun…

The News? The Economic Situation ?  Well, Spain’s Presidents and Princesses are filling their pockets, the tiles are falling off those 100-million-euro buildings. The waiter at your hotel probably has an MBA. Real Madrid’s centre forward earns more than a medium-sized emerging economy…it’s business as usual in Spain!

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