La Liga latest: Big three back on song

La liga latestHere’s our La Liga latest news for this week. With Piqué back after his near-seditious corte de manga to the Spanish State in midweek, Barcelona were first to kick off and thought they were smart by scoring four (joke!) at home v. a plucky (at times) Deportivo. This included 2 goals from the ultra-promising Rafinha, one from Suarez, and a beaute from the returning Messiah (I mean Messi).

Only to be quite significantly outdone by the the rest of the troika who did not stop at a mere 4 goals. Real Madrid won 1-6 away at Betis, and best of all, Atletico broke with la liga latest tradition by scoring a hatful and winning 7-1.  How blithely we now speak of three-way domination, forgetting the real story of recent Spanish football is Atletico’s  quite laudable break through to challenge the top two. Thank God for Simeone you might say (and they do down Calderón way)

La Liga Latest Matchday 8  – Real Madrid score 6

Real Madrid’s die hards never waste time in becoming unconvinced about a manager (especially the season after winning a Champions League).  After a run of 4 draws on the trot eyebrows were being raised and there was even hushed shouting in the more reprehensible Madridista sports “newspapers” about  a disaffected Ronaldo and a naive Zidane. Madrid’s older and whiter residents were dipping churros into chocolate and reading “Jaded”. The old enemy of Madrid’s pricey dressing room. This storm in a chocolate cup culminated in a large piss-up in a 5-star hotel last week (outskirts not Gran Via) involving Zizou, Crissy,  agent Mendes and Chairman/President “Flozzer” Perez.  That seemed to fix it as Ronnie was wheeled out shortly after to say he expected to end his days at the Bernabeu, or something. Not that he’s treading on Di Stefano’s toes at all.

Well, it worked.  When the meringues visited Betis the jitters were blow away like the lifting of a skin on a hot chocolate, with goals from Varane, Benzema, Marcelo, Isco (2) and (only one from) Ronaldo. This was Madrid’s biggest ever win at poor Betis.

Atletico’s Carrasco is hat-trick hero in 7-goal thriller

6 or 7 goals from Real Madrid  or FC Barcelona is pretty much par for the course, (especially if Celtic are involved) but Atleti are not known for such rushes of blood to the head.  Down at the north bank of the mighty, flowing Manzanares River  things appeared to be going according to script when Granada’s Cuenca opened the scoring for the away team. But Atletico hit back with a torrent of goals that left a glowing ox-bow lake of unexpected confidence and serenity at the Calderon. Carrasco, in a flurry of avenging rage scored 3 goals born of his aggressive, fast ad skilful play, and when Gaitan (2), Correa and Tiago scored to make it a 5 -goal second half they’d harnessed propitious currents all the way.

Amazingly only three point separate Spain’s top six clubs with Sevilla,  Villarreal and Athletic Bilbao also in contention. The best Liga in the world ?

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