Love the Sunshine? Then You’ll Love Marbella Weather

Marbella WeatherIf you’re one of those who sit at your desk, staring out at the charcoal clouds and the persistent rainfall that hits the window, dreaming of a land where such scenes are so rare, then it’s likely you should be giving thought to Marbella.

From its fortunate location, neatly situated flanked by the Mediterranean and the Sierra Blanca Mountains, Marbella is blessed by its own delightful little micro climate which affords the area a level of year round sun and warmth that us Brits can only fantasise about.

A region of mild winters and long hot summer days Marbella enjoys, on average, more than 320 days of sunshine per year with temperatures hardly ever dipping below 16 degrees during the winter, whilst average in the high 20’s throughout the summer, rarely reaching the ‘scorchio’ levels that other parts of Europe regularly contend with during the height of the season.

In short this has made Marbella a destination that can genuinely be described as a year round holiday destination; a place where you bask under a blazing summer sky or providing an opportunity to escape those dreary, dull and often freezing cold winters that we so frequently endure.

Why does it have such micro-climate?

The answer to this meteorological mystery lies in the mountains which offer the region its stunning backdrop.

Not only do the mountains provide such a spectacular addition to the landscape they also perform the rather handy function of providing barriers against the extremities that the weather can often bring.

In the winter months the mountains offer protection against any of the more unpleasant ‘wintry’ weather that surrounding regions may encounter; keeping cold winds and rain away from the resort. Conversely in the summer they act as an ideal thermostat to keep the temperatures from rising too uncomfortably high as they keep the breeze which comes off the sea nicely contained and circulated.

Which is nice.

So, how does the Marbella weather shape up throughout the year?

January – March

You will generally find that the days will be sunny and soothingly warm, albeit not necessarily hot enough for any kind of prolonged sunbathing.

During this early part of the year the average daytime temperatures tend to stay around 16 and 19 degrees C with approximately six to seven hours of sun. Nights get chilly however so warmer clothes would be required.

You may get the occasional day of rain but are generally infrequent in comparison to other regions.

April & May

As a rule this is time of the year when things remain warm, pleasant and just right for days out in the open air. You can expect daytime temperatures to be around the low 20s while the nights may still be somewhat cooler. April can have occasional heavy downpours but by and large the days again are usually clear and bright.


This is the height of summer when Marbella is at its hottest, brightest and sunniest. This is the season of long, sun-drenched days with temperatures scaling into the high 20s, sometimes the low 30s. However, with its mountain protection there is very often a soothing breeze to keep the temperatures reaching towards the unbearable. Nights are long, warm and balmy as a rule. With very little rainfall.

October – December

Summer often stretches into the later parts of the year in Marbella with October routinely maintaining the heat of the previous months. Nights can stay warm as well although it makes sense to pack a sweater as the air does start to cool as you move into November. Towards Christmas and the end of the year the days tend to remain sunny and bright albeit with some small bursts of rain while the temperature drops after dark.

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