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MADRID GOLFINGGolf for groups in Madrid not the easiest activity to book if you are celebrating a stag or hen weekend in Madrid or even a company or friends golf outing. Madrid has many quality golf courses but even in recession-hit Spain these tend to be snooty reducts of exclusive members who may have the same set of clubs as Sergio Garcia, but look more like Sergio Ramos on the tee. Our team’s Madrid golf bore, James Bogie, lays up short and aims to get down in two from off the green (…and writes about golf in Madrid!)

Get a grip on Madrid Golfing – The return of the Bogey Men

To avoid running into these attitudes and ending up with no tee booking, we strongly recommend letting The Spain Event look at the type of outing you require and book a short 9 hole golf match for your group. We’ll find just what you are looking for. We supply clubs and transport and make it easy so that mixed ability groups can compete and enjoy a Madrid golfing weekend in the sun. There is nothing worse than getting together a squad of golfers on tour just to find that two or three duffers are going to slow the whole game down, and potentially bring the ire of the posh local members all decked out like Mr Lu and Lee Trevino.

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James Bogie is a sports writer and blogger based in Madrid.

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