Madrid Weather – hot summers and cold winters

By: Micolo J

Madrid Airport. Let’s take a typical February Friday. An airport transfer and the stag group is just arriving for their weekend in Madrid. It’s 1645, it -2ºC,  and the Bristol/Gatwick/Manchester flight has just arrived. I am wearing wooly underwear, a parka, scarf and one of those golfers’ hand warmers. Paco, the bus driver is tending some still burning logs under the fuel tank of his well-appointed coach. Paco is like a fire-breathing dragon as both condensing breath and smoke billow from his mouth and nostrils. 

I hit the terminal, Sala 2, Arrivals.  A squad of happy-go-lucky, and clearly half-cut stags emerges, shambolically. The subgroup who do not head straight outside tearing open duty-free Marlboro cartons (which appears to comprise a long-serving best man/organiser, a father-of-the-bride type and a sober one) see my sign and moves towards me.  I stretch out my arm to offer a handshake. And laugh. Then I realise it’s not a joke being played on the stag.  They are ALL wearing shorts and vests….

Madrid weather a classic blue sky on a winter's day

Madrid weather – freeze in winter and boil in summer!

Madrid weather  can be extreme. The city’s continental Mediterranean climates means it’s dry except in winter. You’ll have none of the humidity or mosquito problems you may experience in other Spanish coastal regions (the tap water also tastes fine…)  Very hot, desert hot and dry, in summer (it can reach 40ºC and above from mid June till mid September) but as cold or colder, than the UK in winter (December, January, February).

The good news is that even in winter you can have wonderful Madrid weather: crystal clear blue skies and sunshine, supplying not only a feel-good factor, but also a warm-up for the air, and maybe even a sun tan. On a classic Madrid sunny winter day the temperature can vary as much as 20 degrees in one day meaning that in February you can be sitting in the sun in  at-shirt after lunch (the wine and cognac may also have helped to warm you up) but wrapped up in a turtle neck, neoprene , gloves and hat at night  (preferably bought on Calle Serrano..)

Our tips on what to wear in Madrid

  • November, December, January, February:  Same as you would in the UK
  • March, April, May: Light jacket, sweater, you will probably get away with just shirt sleeves for some of the time.
  • June, July, August: As little as possible, but a big sunhat, bottle of water and shades. Lots of suncream. It’s scorching!
  • September, October: Light jacket, sweater, you will probably get away with just shirt sleeves for some of the time.
  •  All year: sun glasses !

By John Palmerston (“Jamston” in the office), who works as a guide for stag and hen groups with The Spain Event in Madrid.

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