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The Spain event trip advisor travel adviceThe Spain Event trip advisor serviceNeed help in organising your mate’s biggest weekend? Not sure where or how to organise your stag or hen do ? Don’t wilt under the pressure. Try out our Spain Event Trip Advisor Guarantee! We will provide you with information that is up to date reliable and useful. The reason?…We live here! Let one of our experienced travel consultants provide all of the information you need to plan and book the right package at the right price.

Your Very Own Spain Event Trip Advisor

Unlike most of our competitors, our team is based in Spain and Portugal. That means our staff live and party in the locations that you will visit. The advice that our staff will give you is that of a very personalised trip advisor. It means all of  here ? the local know-how is at your finger tips when you book.

Consult the Spain Event Trip Advsor –  ask us a question about stag and hen activities  in Spain or Portugal

What are the beer prices like ? Can we get a decent restaurant booking at a  good rate in the centre of the city ? Pub to watch the match while you’re out here ? Do the apartments have hairdressers ? What’s the dress code at the clubs ? Can we wear fancy dress ? Wheelchair access to Camp Nou ? Can we stash our bags somewhere while waiting for the pick up ?…. Well, this is all food and drink, as you might imagine to Mr Spain Event Trip Advisor!

Where, when, how much, how to pay ?

Spain Event trip advisor

Only experienced experts on Spain and Portugal take the reins of our Travel Consultancy trip advisor desk. It’s a sort of Ask Jeeves and a friendly face all in one. You’ll feel the benefit of our trip advice when you arrive at the airport and hit the ground running off for a great trip, (and not just hit the ground in a  crumpled mess….).

The Spain Event trip advisor’s expert destination management and booking services are available in all of our locations. Just call us and we’ll give you the trip advisor routine and all of the advice you could ever require!

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