Spain’s Best Clubs

best clubs in spainLet’s be fair, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to resorts in Spain when it comes to clubbing (by which we mean nightclubs as opposed to hitting animals over the head with a blunt object!). So, and as they say on I’m A Celebrity…in no particular order, let’s take a look at some of the resorts that revel in their club-tastic reputations.

By: Abir Anwar

Spain’s Best Clubs – Resort by Resort

Some of the resorts both on Spain’s mainland and indeed the various islands of the Balearics and Canaries have developed a reputation as a hotbed of serious, and indeed not-serious-in-the-slightest hedonistic pleasures of the night; with everything from huge, multi-level throbbingly loud clubs to sweaty rock venues and some old school party bars where the beer flows to a soundtrack of summer tunes and hormonal urges.

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San Antonio, Ibiza

Ok, so not the biggest shock in the world that we should mention good old ‘San An’. And why not, for goodness sake? It remains, after all, the pulsating heartbeat of Ibiza’s club scene and the destination of choice for scores of stags, hens and members of the 18-30 brigade.

With a choice of 5 beaches around the bay area in which to nurse yourself back to life in the daytime it’s the truly extraordinary variety of life after dark that’s the real draw. With plenty of bars to wet your whistle (and whistle’s frequently need wetting in San Antonio) alongside a range of iconic club venues this is the island’s capital of party-time and a place which clubbers simply need to experience at least once in their lifetime. No doubt, some of Spain’s best clubs are here.


Ah yes, good old Shagaluf eh?

One of the original destinations for the package holiday influx of the 80s Magaluf continues to thrive as Majorca’s premier clubbing town, offering nightlife from the outrageous to the really outrageous (ok, maybe there’s a few more chilled venues thrown into the mix). Ever popular for stag and hen parties the one thing you notice when you head to Magaluf is the variety of age-groups in the bars, all however, with the common goal of partying hard and, you know, having a good time.

Magaluf is the home of the famous BCM nightclub and, frankly, if you’re serious about visiting the major venues in the world, then this old favourite must still surely be on the bucket list.


Away from the summer holiday style party scene of the Balearics, the serious clubber might want to turn their attention to Barcelona. With the cool vibe of one of Europe’s trendiest big cities Barcelona is one of the great weekend destinations as the bars, cafes and over 100 nightclubs come to life from Friday night onwards. From beach clubs to the bars of La Rambla, Barcelona is the perfect mix of cool refinement and fun. The best clubs tend towards the upmarket but that shouldn’t dissuade those of a more casual bent, as there really is a night-time venue to cater to all.


Yes, the same Benidorm in that sitcom (I forget the name).

A staple of the easy, cheesy and little bit sleazy club and nightlife scene Benidorm continues to hold appeal to those whose stag or hen weekend is designed around boozy bar-hopping, hazy club nights and minimal shut-eye. Benidorm is the Blackpool of the Costa Blanca, unabashed and stripped down for fun with pubs, clubs and bars galore and, if you’re wanting to see the most creative use of a ping-pong ball this side of Bangkok then Madame Sticky Vicky will waiting to greet you.

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