The Mallorca Sport Scene

mallorca sportsThere’s a lot more to Mallorca than the all-night action of a Magaluf nightclub. Across the largest island in the Balearics you’ll find a plethora of culture, history, wildlife and scenery that’ll appeal to almost any taste and any age group. From beautiful beaches to culinary treats; historical sites to areas of natural beauty. Mallorca Sport in particular, are thriving, with professional cyclists and athletes from all over Europe and the Middle East  taking advantage of its wonderful climate.

And for the active and sporty minded among you, then there’s an impressive choice of things to test your skills, deliver you thrills and generally get the adrenaline flowing.


You’re on an island in the middle of the beautiful waters of the Med. It kind of stands to reason that there’s going to be some excellent opportunity for water-based action. For those looking to plunge beneath the tide then there’s plenty of opportunities around Mallorca’s coastline.

There’s a number of SCUBA excursions and schools available in the South-West of the island around the Palma and Magaluf areas, perfect if you fancy a day under the sea before a night in the clubs. However, head over to the North-West around Pollenca Bay and you’ll find some amazing diving experiences from fully qualified PADI instructors. With suitability for all levels from novice to experienced you can discover some remarkable underwater limestone caves and a huge array of sealife in the generally warm waters off the coast of Pollenca.

mallorca sport


One of Mallorca’s most famous sons just happens to be one of Spain’s greatest sporting icons in tennis legend Rafa Nadal. So there’s no great surprise that tennis is something of a popular activity on the island. Most of the major holiday resorts will be in close proximity to courts if you fancy packing your sweatbands and racket with the chance to pit your skills on hard court or clay. With tennis clubs near Palma Nova and Santa Ponsa you can spend your days on the courts and be back in town in plenty of time for the night’s activities. You cannot be serious?

Oh yes, we can.


Cycling is a serious business in Spain and Mallorca offers some amazing opportunities to saddle up and take off on any number of cycle adventures.

Indeed, in recent years, cycling holidays have become a major part of Mallorcan tourism with organised tours and cycling clubs making the island a destination of choice. And there’s no great surprise. Head inland just a short way from the coast and you’ll find near perfect environment for fun, scenic and really challenging cycling. Spectacular countryside, winding roads and some imposing mountain regions provide a day on the bike to remember for all enthusiasts.

Pollenca and Puerto Pollenca has a particularly strong cycling community offering a perfect base for a holiday with its bars, clubs and restaurants allowing for pleasant nights soothing the limbs after long days pedalling through the Mallorcan country.


Again, no great surprise to learn that this idyllic Mediterranean island offers a wide range of watersports opportunities. The stunning beaches and azure, warm waters of the Med lend themselves perfectly to all manner of activities and every major resort around the coast from Magaluf and Palma Nova to Cala D’Or or Alcudia offers an array for the enthusiast or novice. Waterskiing, jet-ski safaris or paragliding are all to be found from the beaches of these resorts or, if you’re looking to go a little more extreme then you’ll find a number of chances for a spot of cliff-jumping and coasteering adventures or, venturing out into the mountains, you can experience the every growing in popularity of canyoning. Just make sure you’ve got a helmet that fits and an instructor who knows what they’re doing!

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