• THE SPAIN EVENT #vivalafiesta

Mark Buchanan

Director – The Spain Event

The first stag do Mark organised in Madrid was in 1987. “It was an unmitigated disaster, involving a Golf Course along Calle Maria Teresa, a street near the Alonso Martinez area of Madrid. I won’t go into the details…”

Well he had only been living in Madrid for a year or so at that point, newly arrived from his native Escocia after completing his MA at Edinburgh University.

After those inauspicious beginnings Mark took some time to work on quality and finally created The Spain Event 17 years later. In the interim he worked in Spain and USA as a stockbroker, journalist and software marketeer.  “But nothing I have done professionally is nearly as idiotically enjoyable as running The Spain Event”, he says…and his passion is now guiding a company that focuses “cien por cien” on quality.

Mark’s tips for enjoying Spain?

  • Playing golf in Santander helps with hangovers
  • Drink lots of Pacharán and Mahou beer
  • Nothing in life is as important as lunch
  • Only Lisbon rivals Madrid as capital of the world…

Contact Mark

    • Tel: +34960214441
    • Email: mark@thespainevent.com
    • Twitter: @thespainevent
    • https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-spain-event