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Tony Little

General Manager

As General Manager of Operations, Tony Little is particularly adept at pulling rabbits out of hats. When it comes to Customer Satisfaction, he’s our conejo man.

Listening to Tony’s extensive location knowledge, and absorbing some of his travel and lifestyle yarns, you’d be forgiven for thinking him a sort of modern-day Ibero-antipodean Ibn Battuta or Marco Polo.

Tony assures us it’s all true, although some calculate that to have done all he has done in Spain and Portugal would take about 50 years, not the 25-ish he claims to have lived in Spain. “Soy ciudadano del mundo” Tony says, but as soon as he hits the antipodes he starts pining for the Riojas, the San Miguels, the Mahous and the late nights…


The Heart and Soul of The Spain Event since 2008

Strange then that the emblematic bird for highly mobile Tony is in fact the flightless Kiwi… “Well as  New Zealander I can’t help that. I’ll always love the All Blacks – even more than that English Premiership outfit you asked me not to mention in this bio…” A man proud of his Kiwi roots but also of his recent Spanish nationality, Tony has been the heart and soul of The Spain Event since 2008, when he began to lead groups as a Head Guide in Valencia.

Tony is another master-linguist in our team, annoyingly skillful at switching from Castellano into Valencià or Catalán on the phone to suppliers at the drop of a hat (whether rabbit-bearing or not). Even harder-to-bear, he knows the difference between them!

Tony certainly knows how to keep his team and suppliers in check and show them whose boss. “If you arrive a little bit early for a meeting with Tony to find him half way through the haka, look out…” said a colleague who asked to remain anonymous…

Tony’s top tips for Spain and Portugal:

Stags must see Messi at Camp Nou in Barcelona! Imagine what your grandchildren will think of you if you come here but don’t go!

We are proud of our location guides. They really take care of our groups…you can ply them for knowledge and they’ll help you sort stuff for the whole trip if necessary, as well as showing you the best places on the first night!

Current favourite location. SEVILLE. Beautiful city but so lively. Definitely a great off-beaten-track choice.

Contact Tony on:

    • Office Tel: +34 960 214 441
    • Direct Line: +34 648 032 914
    • Email:
    • Twitter: @SunSpanish


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