Anna became a friend on our trip and we really couldn’t have wished for a better guide!

Hi, I just wanted to pass on some feedback with regards to a Valencia Hen Party between the 13th and 15th April with tour guide Anna. The 8 of us arrived in sunny Valencia to be greeted at the airport by Anna. She took us to the apartment and helped co-ordinate the rooms and what was required. This was very useful as none of us could speak Spanish! Anna then took us on a bike tour around Valencia. This is something which I thought may only last a couple of hours. However Anna was as keen as us and took us around the town for 4-5 hours! We saw the beach the new and old town. Anna was very kind and took photos of us all without even being asked to do so. We all felt the cycling was one of the major highlights of the trip! After the cycling Anna showed us the way back to the apartment and was kind enough to point us in the direction of the local shops so that we could pick up some wine etc. Anna throughout the day had been very friendly and we all felt like she was one of us! In the evening on the first night Anna booked us into a restaurant. The restaurant itself was beautiful. The food wasn’t so great but we all did enjoy spending the night together. I would probably recommend asking the restaurant to show you a menu, just so that everyone can have a choice if they want it. After the meal we met with Anna and she took us to a fab cocktail bar where we sampled some excellent Mojitos! The apartment itself was amazing. I was generally shocked at the space we had. On the Saturday Anna picked us up. She was very prompt and friendly as always. She took us out side valencia to go horse riding. Which again we thoroughly enjoyed. We all agreed that the horses were quite possibly the best kept horses we had ever seen. It was great that even though we all had different levels of ability it worked for all of us. On the Saturday night we dressed up and played games at the apartment before meeting Anna in town. We were taken to the Hen Fiesta restaurant. The food here was absolutely excellent. We could not have wished for better. Two guests wouldn’t eat beef and they were kind enough to swap it for chicken at the last second. We were then given several bottles of wine and a bottle of cava at no extra cost. Anna was great, she helped communicate with the waiter so that we all got what we wanted. The stripper arrived at around 11pm. My sister was totally surprised and the show was excellent. It worked out very well. After the meal we went to a few bars. Guided by Anna. We all had a fab time and again Anna was able to negotiate some free drinks on entry which went down very well with us. We then left Anna and headed to the club Mya. Mya was an awesome club. The only negative was that they wouldn’t allow us to wear fancy dress. We therefore had to remove all items even the sashes we were wearing. We were lucky we could do this. Had we turned up in more all in one fancy dress I believe we would have been turned away. Over all we had the most fantastic weekend. All of us agreed it could literally have not gone any better. Anna became a friend on our trip and we really couldn’t have wished for a better guide! 😀 Thanks, Helen

Helen, Surrey. ( Valencia hen with cycling tour, beach, horse riding and Mojitos )

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