Baby Bull Running in Valencia 2017

The Running of the Bulls: Baby Bull Running in Valencia 2017 awaits!

The Running of the Bulls The Spain Event is proud to present our Valencia Baby Bull Running events for 2017! Our custom-built arena here in Valencia is ready for your Stag or Hen group to get in the ring and face off against El Toro! Similar to the running of the bulls in Pamplona, but in a special stadium for your group, nothing gets the adrenaline going like being chased by
one of our baby-bulls! Baby bull running is the perfect way to experience the heart-pounding fun of being chased by a bull, but well-monitored and organised so no-one feels overwhelmed.

Imagine how it feels when your crew are in the centre of the arena when the bull comes in.

Most will run to the safety of the protective raised platforms nearby, but a few among you will stare the beautiful beast down. Feel your inner matador! This is one of our most popular activities and is fun for human and bull alike! These baby bulls ONLY weigh in at around 200 pounds and can run like lightning!

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The Running of the BullsThe running of bulls is a Spanish tradition that every pueblo has during holidays and special celebrations – it’s not just for Pamplona! Spanish bulls are taught and trained from a very early age to charge people – time to break out the red clothing!  The bulls really do go for it! Whether you flee or stand your ground, your heart is going to pound! Our Baby-Bull Running event includes private transport from your hotel directly to the Baby Bull Running venue where your group gets to have a few beers and an authentic paella lunch under perfect Spanish skies before the main event! Don’t get lonely out there by yourself – get the whole gang in at once for maximum mayhem!

Your cameras will capture moments of pure hilarity to be immortalized on Youtube and Facebook forever. Get in there!

The Running of the BullsIf you’ve never heard of baby bull running, it’s just like the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona except we’ve taken it from the streets and into our custom built arena. Filled with little nooks and escape routes the venue is perfect for groups of any size – the more the merrier, especially for the bull!  Our biggest group last year had over 100 people in the ring at the same time!

Remember, if you can’t make it out a little door, it’s over the wall you go! If the bulls ever figured out how to get over those they’d take over! Even the raised platforms in the middle of the arena aren’t 100% safe – a few smart bulls last year learned how to use their knees and get up on them, and then it was abandon ship! The folks filming on the sidelines caught some great footage that day.

There is no more memorable or slightly daft activity in our arsenal of activities in Spain than baby bull running.  Your baby bull running experience is sure to give you stories to bring back home – if not for the photos no one will believe you did it! Get your Stag or Hen dressed up in fancy dress and set them loose! Often the group keeps the event a surprise for the Stag or Hen until the very last minute. The look on their faces when they find out what they’re getting into? Priceless.

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