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Excellent Extreme Experience

  • Our schedules are flexible, let us know what times you prefer.
  • Ideally you don’t want to go too early but during the daytime.
  • 13:00 we pick you up in the center of Barcelona and bring you to the site.
  • 13.30 you get a briefing and instructions.
  • After you can start your 2 hour Tour through the wilderness or your extreme driving experience on the site.
  • Around 16.00 you will be back at your accommodation and can freshen up for a great evening in Barcelona.
  • Return Transport and Guide.
  • English Speaking Guide for the Tours.
  • The vehicles and all equipment you need.
  • You need a standard driving license.
  • If some of your group don’t want to drive, they can of course still be on the tour.
  • Do not show up drunk or hungover, as it is not allowed to drive under the influence.
  • We respect the natural environment and have specific routes that we use.
Barcelona Corporate Travel

Off road adventures

Our Barcelona 4×4 excursion takes out of the city for a few hours and enjoy a real adventure with your friends or colleagues. Just twenty minutes from the city you can experience a wild ride in 4×4 vehicles with an English-speaking guide and rough nature.

Barcelona 4×4 excursions

The Spain Event organizes you a 2 hour tour, where everybody is allowed to drive – as long as you have a standard drivers license. Our cars have seats for 6-7 persons. We pick you up from the centre and bring you to the venue where the Barcelona 4×4 experience starts. Get an adrenalin rush by driving over natural obstacles in crazy angles and exploring the wild nature around Barcelona. Get away from the everyday tourist-life and enjoy an authentic adventure.

Barcelona 4×4 extreme

If you especially like the the extreme driving, we prepare you Nissan Patrols and you can go wild on our site, specifically designed for a reckless 30 minutes of 4×4 driving. We allow 3 persons per car. This way you can drive yourself but also enjoy the ride while you trust your friend not to drive against a tree. You don’t need 4×4 driving experience, start slower and our guide can give you tips until you feel more confident – in case you need advise. If 30 minutes are not enough you can also go for 45 or 60 minutes, if your stomach can handle it! 

Barcelona 4×4 wine tour

Our tour can also bring you to a Wine-Yard, where you can try some nice catalan cava and see how it is made. You will still get the off road experience – combined with some local culture. Careful with trying to many of these tasty wines though, otherwise the guide will have to drive back!

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