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Never been in a limousine or a hummer before? If you are planning a stag or a hen do in Marbella, Malaga, Torremolinos or Benalmadena, now is the time to book. Your The Spain Event team on location can offer you and your group a wide range of stylish limousines and hummers in a variety of stunning colours. Services include airport transfers, daytime sightseeing tours and night rides ending at a top club. And our limousines come with two free bottles of “Cava” to toast with. So what are you waiting for?

Airport Transfers

A successful hen or stag weekend, or any weekend for that matter, is all about momentum. You just can’t let anything dampen the spirits of the group at any time. So when you arrive at Malaga International Airport, just look out for our smartly dressed chauffeur who will be carrying a sign with the hen or stag’s name on it. Now that IS arriving in style. Imagine the looks on your friends’ faces when the driver takes you outside. Instead of the minibus they are all expecting, you have a stunning limousine or hummer waiting for you. And just when the group is done patting you on the back for this superb idea, the driver opens the door, ushers you into the luxurious leather upholstered interior and indicates the exact location of the cooler which is holding two chilled bottles of Spanish champagne. “Are they for us?” your friends ask… Indeed, and they are included in the price!

Daytime Sightseeing Tours

So your first night on the Costa del Sol was a belter and your stag or hen group are suffering the consequences. Under normal circumstances, suggesting everyone hardens up a bit and gets their act together for some activity or another will almost certainly make you the most unpopular member of the party. Under normal circumstances. But how do you think the group would react if a sumptuouslimousine or hummer rocked up to your accommodation to take you for a spin along the coastal motorway… Indeed, they would love it! Just don’t mention the two free bottles of Spanish champagne to the ones who are really struggling. They can always have some water or a coke from the minibar!

Night Rides

It’s Saturday night and your stag or hen group is getting ready forthe big one. You have booked a restaurant for dinner near your accommodation and want to go clubbing afterwards, maybe to upmarket Marbella for example. Well, you certainly don’t want to split up the group or have to wait for several taxis, so why not book a limousine or a hummer to pick you up from your restaurant?There is no more stylish mode of transport and we can fit up to 12 people in a hummer and 8 in a limousine. You and your friends can crack open the two bottles of free Spanish champagne and listen to your favourite tunes on the car’s fantastic sound system while the laser light show swirls and flashes in synch with the music. By the time you get to the night club, you will be fully primed for a bit of dancing. Providing of course that you actually want to get out of the limousine when you arrive!

Hummers have room for 12 persons, but if your group is carrying more than just hand luggage, this number could drop to 11 or even 10 for airport transfers as some of the luggage will have to be stored inside the hummer itself.
Our driver will be monitoring your flight, but last-minute delays could incur an extra cost.


One-hour hire of a limousine or hummer and chauffeur
Two bottles of Spanish champagne

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