Palma Escape Rooms

There's Only ONe way out

Timings are highly flexible, but this is just an example:
  • 13:45 Arrive at the Escape Rooms venue alert and ready to deduce and puzzle your way out of trouble!
  • 14:00 You’re locked in! For the next 60 minutes you and your team must solve the challenges and discover the way to escape! Quick, get the code for the safe that holds the key!
  • 15:00 Hopefully before your 60 minutes are up you’ve emerged victorious and free!
  • 15:15 after a celebration (or heated discussion about who was to blame for failure to escape!) it’s off to the next event! Beer Bike, anyone?
  • 60 minutes in your very own escape room with your group!
  • Depending on your group size and availability, choose the room to escape!
  • Transport to and from the venue can be arranged at additional cost
  • Though you’re locked in for an hour, we’ve got minders on hand just in case…you need a hint!
  • Often it’s best to work to your strengths – who’s good at puzzles? Who’s observant?
  • The clock is ticking to decipher the clues! It’s your very own escape from Alcatraz!
    “I’d always wanted to try these escape room things – it was a blast! The countdown timer really bumped up the tension. It was hilarious to be bickering over such little events – where’s the key? Has anyone found the book with the code on page 246? We got out, but only barely – a great event!” – Dale, Portsmouth, 2015
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Test your wits and escape

One of our top things to do in Palma is to get your group working together to free yourselves from our Palma Escape Rooms. This new craze has come to Mallorca so that you can test your wits and try to escape various themed rooms in under 60 minutes! Freedom isn’t guaranteed! Your group is going to have to work together to find the clues, solve the puzzles and decipher the codes! The tension builds team spirit! By Jove, I think you’ve got it!

Release your inner Sherlock Holmes!

Palma Escape Rooms venue has four different themed rooms to overcome: the Scientist, Excalibur, Alcatraz and the Crown Jewels (for experienced escape artists only).

The Scientist: (beginner, max 12 persons) Our classic escape room. Our easiest room still only has a 37% rate of escape! You wake up in a mysterious room and you don’t know how you got there, all you know is that you need to find a way to escape in 60 minutes! A lot of obstacles are between you and your freedom. Work together to solve puzzles, decode the clues and ultimately find your way out! Will you succeed where many before you have failed? Do you accept the challenge?

Excalibur: (intermediate, max 6 persons) Merlin has brought you back to the King Arthur era because he needs your help! His nephew Mordred has stolen his kingdom and is after his mighty sword Excalibur! Luckily Merlin has encased it using a binding spell so your group must help Merlin retrieve Excalibur and return it to King Arthur so he can regain his kingdom of Camelot!

The Crown Jewels: (expert, max 5 persons) The Crown Jewels are locked in a bank vault and you are going to try to steal them! The guards left their stations and you’ve got 60 minutes to get in, steal the jewels and get out before the guards return! It won’t be easy. You’ll have to be stealthy, cunning and creative to get out in time!

Alcatraz: (intermediate, max 6 persons) You and your accomplices have been locked up for attempting to steal the Crown Jewels (tough luck!). You’ve got other plans rather then spend the rest of your life in prison so you’ve bribed a guard to leave his post for an hour to give you and your mates a chance to escape! CAN YOU BREAK OUT BEFORE THE GUARD GETS BACK??

Palma Escape rooms

If you are looking for things to do in Palma, something unusual and memorable, enter one of our Escape Rooms with your group and work together to overcome the challenges! Free yourself! Release Excalibur! Steal the Crown Jewels or enact a prison break! Oh the stories you shall have! Our highly popular Escape Rooms welcome groups year-round and are centrally located in Palma!


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