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Have you ever felt like a Blood Mary?

  • Various packages, including tomatina tickets, transport and guide. 1, 2, 3-day group rates.
  • 31st August is the day of the Tomatina and it has an early start (usually leaving Valencia city about 7 am).
  • Ask us about a Tomatina survival pack that can include t-shirt, goggles, food and drink!
  • For tomato pros, hire a film-crew to create a full feature fill of your most humiliating hour (or two).
  • Certified English-speaking monitors and all equipment and safety briefing included Easy access using public or private transfers from central Valencia
  • Tomato “after party” tickets can be arranged.
  • After La Tomatina, hit the beach at Malvarrosa Valencia
  • Spanish for tomato: tomate. You may not need to memorise that.
  • Do you panic and feel like you are going to suffocate in crowds and crushes ? Stay at the beach that day ! (It’s pretty good there too…)
  • Leave early to get a spot in the centre of town. There are ample breakfast stalls and a party atmosphere (probably continuing from the night before) – if you are worried about getting bored.
  • What should I wear at the Tomatina ? Well not that much really. Only stuff you never expect to see again. Solid shoes are a must as are swimming goggles (tomatoes nip!). Our tip: old white t-shirt (which will probably be discarded early on), old shorts or bathing costume, and old (but functioning) trainers.
  • Make sure you leave valuables with our guide or in the lockers, and take a camera at your own risk. Leave any top notch electronics like your new iPhone well out of the zone!
  • Remember it is VERY hot in August – although the event is held in the “relative” cool of the morning, expect temperatures in the high 30’s Centigrade. Take water bottles.
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Tomatina tickets

Visit the wild tomato party La Tomatina in Buñol, near Valencia:

Event: La Tomatina Festival, Buñol, Spain.
Venue: Streets of the town of Buñol, near the Town Hall.
Price: various packages.

Feel like a Bloody Mary ? you will soon…

La Tomatina Tomato Festival is held on the last Wednesday of August each year, in Buñol, near the city of Valencia, Spain. This is  puree Spain – quintessential, quixotic, and quite demented.  La Tomatina has become one of Spain’s top 3 radical street parties. It’s tart, it’s red, and it’s a must. Tomatoes get in your eyes, your hair, and everywhere else.

The truth is, many participants in La Tomatina are still finding bits of tomato residue in orifices months later! But you can be sure that however much citric goo you find lodged in your culo at Christmas, there will always be enoughSan Miguel around for a good wash and rinse to send you belching happily back to Valencia.

The world’s biggest Bolognese

Groups are now flocking from all over the world to get some tomato action – and this popularity has led the good townspeople of Buñol to slap on a local tax (well, charge for entry with tomatina tickets really).  The great thing is… the event is now a gigantic and quite unique street party for all-comers, with tens of thousands of people attending.

There are concerts on the streets , dance performances and fireworks… as well as the world’s biggest food fight. With this surge in popularity, Tomatina tickets are now getting hard to obtain, so booking a package with a local agency is a must.

Let a tomato farmer take a dump on your head

Tons of tomatoes will fly during the festival, as local farmers dump their excess capacity (on your head). You can almost feel like swimming in a tomato soup. If your name is Heinz or Campbell’s (or Safeway’s) you’ll feel right at home. Yes, YOU CAN!  The festival is not just confined to the tomato battle.

You will also want to up the culinary ante by sampling Valencia’s famous paella dish at some stage: a delightful risotto usually using seafood, beans and often rabbit, chicken and snails. Paella originated in Valencia, which means that whatever rubbish you have been offered under this guise in other parts of Spain, or the rest of the world, will pale in comparison.

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