El Clasico Barcelona v Real Madrid

Buy El Clasico tickets here with The Spain Event. This match is scheduled for Sunday 6th May, 2018 at 20:45.  Barcelona will be keen to take home advantage in order to gain three points which could be the Liga title clincher. Real Madrid have had a disappointing season, but will, of course, never lie down especially when they can deny their oldest rivals a chance to win the trophy. And especially at Camp Nou Stadium. With the added edge from the current political crisis in Barcelona’s home region of Catalunya, we are sure to see a hotly-contested Barcelona v Real Madrid match.

El Clasico Tickets: Barcelona v Real Madrid: 6th May 2018 at 20:45

As usual the media and the whole football world will be crazy for this match. Not only does it pit together arguably the two greatest footballers of all time (no prizes for guessing their names) this match is pretty much like the Oscar’s ceremony for world football, with such an outstanding selection of great players on display. The fact that this is THE match between Real Madrid and Barcelona means all of them are giving their all.

It’s s the world’s greatest match

There is something unique about the atmosphere, the air inside the stadium at El Clasico – it’s not like any other football match .

Simon Anderson, Real Madrid fan, 2017.

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Camp Nou Ticket Categories

Category One Premium Tickets (Cat 1 Premium)

Your seats will be in the most central sections in the lower half of the stadium, side view (see stadium plan). These are the most central Cat 1 seats and the best tickets available.

Category One Tickets (Cat 1)

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Category Three Tickets (Cat 3)

Upper End View (higher up than the Cat 2 seats).  The following will be marked on your tickets: Gol Nord 3 or Gol Sur 3.

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