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Florian Varnajot has been  enamorado with Portugal and Spain (especially Andalucia) ever since he arrived in 2015.  His favourite places to visit are towns in Southern Spain like Ronda or Almeria. Hot, historic and full of la pasión española!

Florian loves to suggest new ideas for groups to have a good time whether they are EVG (that’s French for stag!) or EVJF (yup, hens!) and our French customers are delighted to get first-hand tips on where to go and how to get there from Florian.

A native of Nantes, France,  Florian loves road trips. He’d cross all of France and Spain by car to get to Sevilla to have a great time is not a problem! And not even stop there he’d be on to Albufeira and Lisbon pretty quick as well. You’ll find that Florian is ready to help with whatever you need  – give him a call!





Florian’s top tips for Spain and Portugal:

Stag and Hen do’s can take place all over The Iberian Peninsula now as there are so many destinations.  I want our customers to find just what they are looking for with minimal fuss. There are usually no shortage of activities to keep our groups very well entertained!

Book a Stag Fiesta because it has all the ingredients for a great EVG or EVJF (stag or hen do): a dinner, stripper, drinks and clubbing.

ln summer  water sport like flyboard are fantastic and really stand out as special activities that are worth getting up for !

Try Seville – a fantastic location which now has lots of flights from the low cost companies like Ryanair.com

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